I haven't posted on here in a while because I haven't had any really catches to brag about. Well, as of yesterday that's changed. I was in Tishomingo County, MS when I discovered WEGR stomping on WWFA, nothing new but unusual. This caused me to start trying out different stations. One notable re-log was WZBQ, 1 of the clearest stations. After testing on the radio in the car I experimented with my Insignia HD Walkman and ended up with 7 new catches:

92.5 WXJC-FM
93.7 WDJC HD+
96.5 WMJJ HD+
97.3 WPYA HD+
98.1 WTXT HD +
103.7 WQEN HD+
104.7 WZZK HD+

I also heard WTUG HD+ but that is a re-log.

I have pictures(excluding WXJC-FM) if anyone wants me to post them.

PS: I noticed some FM radio stations were experiencing sudden dropouts or mutes during this time. Either A. A station's audio would suddenly get quiet(which I assumed was a HD signal's sideband) or B. a station would suddenly make a buzzing noise like you hear constantly on AM(I have no idea what could explain this, maybe someone here does).