New to these forums but not to Radio/TV DXing. First TV DX was back in the late '60s - Miami to Jacksonville, NC - Even got a QSL letter from the station. I've been fascinated by it ever since. Never really actively pursued TVDX, just accepted what came my way. However I did enjoy MW and SW DX for years.

After living in southern Mexico for several years and being amazed at the regular reception distances one experiences down there I'm back in NC and so trying my best to duplicate some of the distances.

I have a modest setup in the middle of the city. Living in a townhouse I have an external antenna about 30' above ground level - the antenna is this - There's an RCA amp up on the pole - The incoming coax gets split 3 ways going to 2 TVs and an HDHomeRun tuner (latest 2 tuner model).

I just got setup with reporting my reception here: