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    Default Central-South Americans

    The following are unIDed but with audio I think might be IDable. Any leads would be appreciated:

    540: Nov 1 at 0639 EDT: Brief clip includes possible IDable material, including mention of Mexico. I am betting on XEWA San Luis Potosi but checking in here just in case I'm mistaken and it's something different.

    840: Oct 23 at 0701 EDT: Sounds like some kind of sporting play-by-play, u.WHAS. Hoping something IDable here, or can at least identify the teams and/or the sport. Seems an odd time for live sports unless it's a rebroadcast.

    1100: Nov 5 from 0000-0002 EDT: WTAM audio cut out for two minutes after the 0000 EDT TOH, leaving just an open carrier, and I happened to be on the channel pointed south. There are two Spoanish-language stations here. The WTAM carrier is quite strong but the signals get better as the clip goes on. I think one station might ID right off the bat, then go to soft music. More talk at about 0:30 and as the second station gains strength I hear possible pips and what sounds like IDable content. The clip ends with a rooster. WTAM audio then returned.

    1210: Nov 1 2359 EDT and Nov 2 0027 EDT: Two clips, Spanish under WPHT. Very weak on both Clips A & B, but there are moments where talk rises enough that I think fluent ears might catch something. Especially Clip B.

    Any leads are appreciated, with thanks!

    Saul / Burnt River ON
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