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I like cd's comment that he doesn't keep logs. This hobby would be a lot easier and have less hassle if we simply didn't keep logs and a running total of stations received. I'm all in for that. This is a hobby and I have fun seeing what can be received. Actually, logging and counting the stations received is my least favorite thing to do. Let's have fun!
Steve, that's a good point. I've been DXing for many years... mostly just for fun while I was growing up, and I never counted logs until I noticed it was the thing to do when I joined the WTFDA. What's the point if you move to an area that's known for tropo? There's no challenge in doing that. As DXers, we all know there are many factors that alter DX. I'm still trying to figure it all out. Living here in Akron, I have to consider factors that someone else may not even have to worry about. But we all know that a total log count doesn't really tell you much. It says nothing about how much time was spent DXing.

Regarding the autologgers, I use them to help me DX, but they're not my sole source of how I DX. It would seem that many people really don't know how to DX as they have just let the autologgers do everything. That's not fun in my opinion. It's all merely just a chart and map. I get more fun out of the hobby by studying the maps, rotating the antennas to wherever I think is best, manually scanning the channels myself, and ACTUALLY SEEING THE DX (particularly with ID material)!! I don't get too thrilled when I see someone post a photo of a map of the DX they captured. That's no fun... they didn't actually experience the DX.