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Thread: WKLG 102.1: Can someone 'splain?

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    Default WKLG 102.1: Can someone 'splain?

    As you know, I have 100kW WKLG "Star 102" as a semi local.

    For the life of me, I have no clue as to how this commercial station makes money. Their website mentions little about the station, but rather other projects going on. They run a format that I guess is called "indie rock". A few months ago I listened painfully for about 30 minutes, jotted down lyrics, and found out the name of the songs. Not only do I not know any of the songs---but only one *artist* had I heard about! It runs like a jukebox---no DJ's. The only non-music I hear is the dull ID & maybe, just maybe, 3 minutes of commercials per hour, and maybe a third of *those* are for the same place!

    They have had long periods of being off the air---and when they return, it acts as if nothing happened.

    As you also know, I am not in the radio biz. How in the world does this station remain afloat financially? This has to be IMO the biggest waste of 100,000 watts I know. I don't know anyone who listens to this thing either. Don't expect them ever in the ratings, or to play Christmas music when it's time.

    I am just curious if somebody can explain it to me. 102.1 is a fantastic DX spot, when they aren't puttering around on air.

    BTW someone did try to explain to me how they survive---but I guess I didn't understand. As to serving the public interest, I just don't see it; they can do their li'l side projects without cluttering up the FM band.


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    Good question, cd... Have you looked into the station ownership? Maybe, it's a tax write-off for some business group? Perhaps, some other ulterior motive?

    I can think of one, now, defunct (I haven't heard a peep out of it in years) radio 'network' that had to do some quasi-legal financing tricks just to stay afloat for as long as it did. It was so awful only the, "Kool-Aide drinkers" listened to it.

    There's another, well known, cable network that is consistently in the ratings toilet, trailing re-runs of old 60s sit-coms, yet, it remains 'on air.' I suspect money is being shoveled in the back door, by folks more interested in spreading an ideology than turning a profit.

    How long do you think NPR (Narcissistic Pants-wetter Radio) would survive without our tax dollars propping it up?

    Things are not always as they appear.

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