I'm 34 years old and been working in commercial radio for nearly 15 years but I've been a DX'er even longer.. since 7th grade or so.

I started out solely doing AM DXing and around 2014, I switched to almost exclusively SW DX.. which proved interesting during my time as program director of an local Alaskan bush NPR FM network.

I'm in NW Pennsylvania between State College PA and Olean NY now working for a 50,000 watt country station. I am on a hill at about 2000 feet in elevation, about 1 1/2 miles south of town and am largely free of most terrain obstructions and much higher up then the towns around me. I use a Sangean HDT1, a 5 element log periodic antenna hanging off my porch railing and a Magnum FM Power Sleuth.

I'm no expert, but having fun and finding out whats regular reception for me, whats good reception but not DX and what is really DX! (I have an odd path to 107.5 WGPR Detroit, MI at 235 miles that I've heard pretty regularly)