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Thread: 1210 WNMA Miami - music

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    Default 1210 WNMA Miami - music

    Continuous music instead of ESPN/Spanish. Does anyone have any insights?

    Thank you,

    Ivan NO2CW

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    I do!

    ESPN Deportes was taken by WMYM 990 in Kendall---owned by Actualidad Radio, who own 1040 WURN Miami & 1020 WLVJ Boynton Beach. All three stations did a major shuffle about a year ago, each with higher power, albeit moved to different locations.

    Actualidad also owns WURN-FM "Exitos 107.1." The FM very briefly had Actualidad as an HD2, but they no longer have HD at all.

    1210 apparently now has to fend for itself, with filler music. They occasionally have a sports talk program (I think I heard talk about soccer). Even though 990 has a slightly bigger signal than last year, IMO ESPN Deportes didn't know what they were getting into, coverage-wise. Although not meant to cover my QTH, it is barely audible at night, with Radio Guamá in Cuba all over it.

    Edit: BTW the new-facility 1040 has been heard on Oldtimer's Global
    Tuner in Northern Ireland; the *former* 1020 was heard there as well.
    The old 1040 was not heard there to my knowledge, and we are still
    trying for the new 1020.


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