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Thread: 91.1 KS? religious Es on 11-27

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    Default 91.1 KS? religious Es on 11-27

    On Nov. 27 at 2:24 p.m. CT, I briefly received a Christian station on 91.1 during a weak Es opening. The program "Living Fountains" was ending, and the phone number 913-681-1635 was given. That number is for Calvary Chapel in Kansas City, KS.

    The chapel's website has a page listing stations in various states that broadcast Living Fountains:, but none of them are on 91.1. Also, I can't find any 91.1 translators linked to any of those stations. (The list does appear to be out of date, too.)

    I called Calvary Chapel and sent a message through the contact page on their website asking what the 91.1 station could be, but I never received a reply.

    There are four Christian stations in KS on 91.1 (KCFN, K216ED, K216GA, and KCIU-LP), but none of them run the Living Fountians program. So, I suspect this is not a KS station. Anyone have a clue?

    Thanks for the help.

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    No idea whatsoever - and I did some checking online. It's possible something has changed and something will come to light in the near future, so worth keeping in the log as unID and revisiting it later on. Maybe they can eventually be reached by telephone or repeated e-mail...
    Saul Chernos
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