If you do not know what texoma is its just counties around the oklahoma-texas border and stuff. I have gotten some tv dx's before from Waco Texas which is hundreds of miles away and also FM DX from Wichita Falls Texas which is about 130miles away from my city (denison texas) I hope i can get into DXing as i just got a new Sony XDR Radio. I also have a tv antenna but it probably will not do any good as its an indoor antenna's direct 50+ miles antenna that i don't even get great reception on the local channels with it. We only get 2 channels in the area but we get all of the major networks (through sub channels and main channels). We live somewhere near Dallas but far enough that we cannot receive the tv stations. We are able to pick up Dallas radio here but its weak signals. If i want to get a good signal i always have to fidget around with my antenna or whatever. Well im new here and hope to get into DXing!