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Thread: Antenna Plus Strong Station

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    Default Antenna Plus Strong Station

    Hi guys just looking for some opinions here, I put up my FM 6 it is 15' above the ground with a rotor. So what I am hearing is when the tuner is tuned to one of the closer strong stations with the antenna connected I am getting some hiss/static!!! If I disconnect the antenna on the same station it comes in clear and clean without the hiss/static!! Any ideas???

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    Could it be a case of being "TOO close"? It might happen. Does the station claim HD? (Check +/- .2 MHz.)

    It isn't quite the same, but when I'm at my spot in Key Largo, some places on the dial will have "images" from strong stations on other frequencies. IIRC, I have to maneuver the antenna on 90.3 to null out local WKLG 102.1. Sometimes on my small Kaito 1102, I have to set the "DX-LOCAL" flip-switch to LOCAL. Wish I didn't.

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