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Thread: Meteor scatter uNIDs

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    Default Meteor scatter uNIDs

    Some lingering unIDs ... any leads are welcome:

    88.9 = Presuming this July 24 catch,m at 0800 EDT, is Ms but due to its length I am not ruling out Tr as the mode. Traffic mentions northbound, fog, Dalton, 27 north and south, then "traffic and weather together", and then what sounds like a a "W??? weather" jingle, followed by temperatures in lower 90s.

    92.9 = Ms hit 19 July at 1916 EDT, with "643-2020" in an that might be recognizable.

    93.3 = Ms hit with what sounds like "The Wall Grapevine" and then wishes two kids Happy Birthday. July 24 at 0853 EDT.

    98.3 = July 29 Ms burst at 1749 EDT with "On next on the Bull...We saddle up this broadcast." - There's a few Bull options. Anyone recognize the voice or possibly unique liner? WCEF WV or WYBF OH are likely candidates.

    98.5 = Mentions the "from the Popley Weather center" in a Ms burst on May 18 at 0727 EDT.

    99.7 = Ms burst on 12 June at 0700 EDT has an ad promoting services for a data driven business, with names sounding like Doug Mindemoyo and Nathan .... The Spanish is likely KS so the burst may be more or less from that region.

    102.1 = Ms burst at 0853 EDT on June 4 has Kelly someone Hyundai ad...

    With thanks to anyone who gives these a spin or has ideas...

    Saul / Burnt River ON
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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