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Thread: What HD Station Am I Receiving?

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    Default What HD Station Am I Receiving?

    Okay, guys, this is slightly off topic, but here does. I have two Garmin GPSs. I have one Garmin GTM 60 HD Digital Traffic Receiver . I live near the Minneapolis Saint Paul MN area. Specifically, I am in ZIP code 55068. How do I find out which specific radio station I am receiving?

    Also, what about the analog stations that send out RDS traffic data? Which one is doing it in Minnesota?

    Is there any sort of current FM radio directory that shows who is sending what around the United States?

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    I don't believe the HD Digital Traffic Receiver for your Garmen GPs gets any data from FM digital (HD) sub-channels in your local area.

    More than likely it gets data streams from a hybrid receiver that does; GPS satellites, cell towers, and highway sensors.

    Mike Schaffer

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    My truck has traffic and weather data from HD radio. Perhaps your Garmin unit uses the same technology. In the US it only works in markets with iHeartMedia owned stations. I'm not sure how to figure out what specific station its getting the data from, I imagine they put it on the best HD signal they have in each market.
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    This is the traffic and weather service you guys are talking about, TTWN....

    They have partnered with Ibiquity, iHeart stations, and a handful of other large broadcast organizations that offer this service through HD radio. There are almost 2000 radio stations nationwide providing this service, yet I can't find any web-pages listing participants on a market by market basis.
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    Default What HD Station Am I Receiving?

    Thank you for the replies. I did see this when I Googled "iheartmedia owned stations in Minnesota."

    So, if I eliminate the one AM station, that leaves the following:


    Twin Cities

    KDWB-FM 101.3 Top 40

    KEEY-FM 102.1 Country

    KQQL 107.9 FM Classic hits/Oldies

    KTCZ 97.1 FM Hot AC

    KFXN-FM 100.3 100.3 Sports

    Maybe the next time I am in an area and don't get data via HD, I will check all five of the above and, if one has it's HD "off the air," that might be the definitive answer.

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