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Thread: Dominican Republic - Radio Listin flips to BE 99.7, 2014

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    Default Dominican Republic - Radio Listin flips to BE 99.7, 2014

    On January 2nd, it was announced that long time Santo Domingo radio station HIXZ-FM has become the fastest growing station in popularity in Santo Domingo and most of Dominican Republic, after four years as a *new* station, with a new format. The surprising thing about the station - there is rarely a word of Spanish spoken on the station and there is no Spanish music featured either.

    On February 10, 2014, the station formerly known as "Radio Listin", flipped to a new format and name, and left the Spanish language behind. On that date, the station operated by Listín Diario, C. por A., flipped to a full blown US-style CHR station. They adopted the station name, BE 99.7. The owner, Listín Diario, is the oldest daily newspaper in all of the Dominican Republic. On February 10th, when Radio Listín was brought to an end, it ended a 40 year run as Santo Domingo's longest running news station, a station full with tradition.

    The newspapers' own press release for their radio station flip read like this, "With the intention of innovating its image and offering youth music, the Radio Listín frequency closes a cycle, after 40 years in the market, to open a new musical content, with which from now on it becomes "Be 99.7" " "It is a new concept with which we assure our listeners the experience of being, living and experiencing emotions through national and international projects that will dominate daily programming," said Edward Santana, executive director.

    If you care to check them out, you can follow this link to their website. Their stream launches on the website -

    BE 99.7 features all English CHR tracks, with English language liners, sweepers, and music news in English. Very little Spanish is spoken on Be 99.7. Programs featured are The Morning Show with Karina Ciprian, On Air with Ryan Seacrest (12 to 4 afternoons) and BE & Friends (late evenings), and All Gone Pete Tong, a BBC rock dj (Friday & Saturday nights). They promote a lot of tongue-in-cheek lines, which promotes their station name - Be In It, Be There, Be All You Can Be, and so on.
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    Wow---even Puerto Rico doesn't currently have a station with so much inglés as this Be deal. I wonder how many Spanish listeners (Listín-ers?) will be willing to hook on to this station, especially when EE puns, like the one above, are played.

    BTW I heard Listín as Es during the 1990s, but it was on 99.5 then. I had a 99.7 Puerto Plata in 1992, before HD was a thought...via Tr! At the 2:15 mark here:


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