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Thread: 1020 & 1340 Spanish-language unIDs

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    Default 1020 & 1340 Spanish-language unIDs

    Anything IDable in these clips?

    1340 unID — Fri Dec 1 2209 EST — Possible Rumba ID (for WRAW Reading PA). But the world Rumba might be something else. Likely just WHAT El Zol Philadelphia. Any context audible in this clip? A mention of DJ (or TJ?) Free (Freeze?) and Facebook and Instragram. WHAT was also in, as were WTRN-PA, WALL-NY, and WKSN-NY.

    1020 unID — Sun Nov 26 2133 EST — Latin music until :10 then Spanish talk. One mention of Merida followed by two mentions of Victoria in between music tracks. Mixing with KDKA-PA and Reloj Cuba.

    With thanks!

    Saul @ N=Burnt River ON
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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