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Thread: A few FM DX Logs from NW PA

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    Default A few FM DX Logs from NW PA

    Here are some of my logs from the last week or so of FM DXing. This isn't everything, but rather some of my favorites.

    Location: Ridgway, Pennsylvania (NW corner of the state). 2000 feet in elevation.
    Equipment: Sangean HDT1, 5 element log periodic FM Antenna (soon to be upgraded to 9 element log periodic!) and Zoom H1 digital recorder.

    I had my first Canadian HD DX lock. CING, 95.3 Fresh Radio Hamilton Ontario has flashed the HD logo before on the radio but never locked. I finally nabbed CING HD1, 2 and 3 and Tuesday Jan 9th and Wed January 10th.

    Here's CING 95.3 HD1 with a Shawn Hook song into DJ chatter and then into a commercial break. Tue Jan 9th about 945pm, audio is here:

    Here's CING 95.3 HD2 with a commercial then a promo for a Sunday show on CFMJ 640, which is the programming feed on HD2. The lock didn't hold for very long, only about 20 seconds. Tue Jan 9th at 817pm, audio is here:

    CING 95.3 HD3 is a simulcast of CHML 900. The lock held for a few minutes on Wed Jan 10th at 1024am, audio is here:

    Mix 98.9 WMXY Youngstown, OH completely wiped out local WQKY Emporium, PA for over 30 minutes on Wednesday January 10th beginning just after 8am. Here's the audio:

    WUGN-FM 99.7 Midland, MI is a new lock. It showed up on Tuesday January 9th about 630am and held out some kind of signal till a bit after 7am. It was real weak, staticy and would only bubble up for a few seconds at a time usual. I heard several Family Life mentions, including the web address and then match this segment on 99.7 FM to their webstream. Audio:

    I logged "B94"( WBZZ 100.7 HD2, Pittsburgh) on WEdnesday January 10th about 9am. The lock held for several minutes. This is the first time I logged any part of WBZZ 100.7. Here's audio:

    I've had WDSY 107.9 HD before, but just logged the HD2 (simulcast of WBZZ 100.7 analog) and HD3(KDKA Traffic/Weather Together). WDSY 107.9 HD1 country music sounds pretty good too! Here's audio from 114am on Wednesday January 10th:

    WNTK New London, NH. 1400 Watts/676 feet at 330 miles NE of me. All I got was about 5 seconds worth of a commercial for "Newport Chevrolet". WNTK General Manager Matt Cross confirmed that it was in fact WNTK who ran that very ad at 856am Friday Jan 5th. Here's the audio:

    WZXV Palmyra, NY (Rochester). 2800 Watts/486 feet at 130 miles North/Northeast of me. Heard during several fade ups on Friday but the most identifying/unique clip is where they mention their call letters and also one of their translators. Audio:

    WYFI Norfolk, VA. 50KW/486 feet at 330 miles SE of me. All I got was about 4 seconds worth of a preacher talking but it didn't match WZXV, WGCK in VA, or WJUX in NY so I went looking. In looking, I found WYFI, checked out the BBN program schedule and was able to match my 4 seconds of audio to the 3 minute 40 second mark of that day's "Love Worth Finding" with Adrian Rogers. Audio:

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    Good work on the NH and VA Ms catches. Good work also on solving the VA BBN one. I would have jettisoned the VA one - not even bothered with it. So you get rewarded!
    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    It sounds like WNTK and WYFI could both have been meteor scatter. No matter what, they're great catches, and nice detective work in tracking down their ID's.
    Chris - Poughkeepsie, NY
    DTV DXer since April 2009
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