Here's some clips of AM DX from the past several months. I still need to clean out recordings so there will be more at a later date.

WCTS/1030 MN, 12/31/17. They were on day power that night, heard with Lamplighter Theater closing and '...Minneapolis-St. Paul' partial TOH ID at 1900 PT.

WOZN/1670 WI, 12/31/17. Weak with CBS Sports Radio (After Hours with Amy Lawrence), but it's the only one on that channel. Relog, first heard 11/22/16.

KSJB/600 ND, heard early this morning (1/13/18). Weather forecast 'from the KSJB weather center' and ID. This is very rare! I was thinking this was CJWW at first. 5KW at over 1000 miles.

JOGB/873 Kumamoto, Japan (heard early this morning); with male talking in Japanese over 870 splatter. Paralleled after recording, to mega-blaster JOUB/774 Akita NHK-2 network). This is almost 5,400 miles! Power (claimed) is 500 KW however, but a new station to the overall log.

JOIK/567 Sapporo, Japan (heard early this morning), with female in Japanese over 570 splatter; and // to 594-JOAK (NHK-1). This is new to the overall log, 100KW at almost 4,500 miles!

KZNB/1490 Petaluma, CA with AutoZone ad and 'La Zeta' ID, heard 9/11/17 during strong Aurora conditions.

KKMC/880 Gonzales, CA with ID; heard 9/11/17 during aurora conditions. Other stations heard (but not recorded unfortunately) included XEX-730 Mexico City; KWRU/1300 Fresno, 1590 KVTA Ventura and 1450 KVML Sonora, CA.

KVTO/1400 Berkeley, CA with Korean program, heard 9/11/17 during Au conditions.

XEAD/1150 Toluca, JAL strong with Spanish news/talk, heard 9/11/17 during Au. This is 2045 miles! Not new.