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Thread: Mid January FM DX from NW PA

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    Default Mid January FM DX from NW PA

    Here some stuff from the past week or so. While I audio record everything I log, this report isn't everything I've logged. I try to keep reports like this to stuff that is new or otherwise, interesting.

    Here's some details and comments and then the logs.

    My location: Ridgway, Pennsylvania (2000 feet in elevation)
    Equipment: Sangean HDT! and 5 element log periodic FM antenna
    I just drew a line between me and London, Ontario and environs where most of my enhancement comes from. I looked at every town the line goes through.

    With the exception of the Allegheny National forest 10 miles to my NW, I'm higher in elevation then everything on a line between me and London. I'm at one of the highest residential points in the county, if not this entire part of the state practically.

    I'm at 2000 ft, the forest is at near 2400 ft.
    Erie, PA and London, Ont are about 800 feet, give or take.

    Some of the towns in or near the Allegheny National forest (Sheffield, Warren, Youngsville) are 1200-1400 ft in elevation.

    So yeah, all that elevation I've got, line of site to Lake Erie and suchforth really helps out. I wanted to sit down and see why even in some pretty average conditions I do well. My signals during even slight to mdoerate enhancement seem strong and hold alot longer then I see others get, so it's neat to figure out why!

    Sat Jan 20
    CJED-FM 105.1 Niagra Falls Ontario. 15KW at 419 feet at 118 miles.
    105.1 Today FM showed up a few times over the course of about 90 minutes. The signal at times was good on fade ups, but those fade ups didn't always last long. Here's a few sound bites:
    Clip #1:

    Clip #2 (with station liner just after 3 minutes):

    Clip #3:


    Sun Jan 21
    NEW!! 97.1 WXYT Detroit, MI 15kw/892 feet @ 234 miles
    ad for Summit Place Kia that mentioned locations in the Detroit area. Station did not air the 10 second ID when the NFC/NFL Game on Westwood One took that break. Pretty decent signal at times and it hung around for over hald an hour, fading in and out a bit over time. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    NEW!! 99.5 WYCD Detroit, MI 17.5kw/787 feet @ 234 miles
    Ad for a Kenny Chesney concert at Ford Field in Detroit, PSA, station liner and back into weekend syndicated show. Hard to get past WGAR Cleveland to hear this but I finally did it. A bit later on, WYCD even flickered the HD light a bit. Here's audio:

    I also had CIMX 88.7 Windsor (Detroit!), WRIF 101.1 Detroit, WDTW 106.7 Detroit, WJLB 97.9 Detroit, WPZR 102.7 Mount Clemens and WGPR 107.5 Detroit this evening. WGPR, WDTW and WJLB were in exceptionally well, almost like a local at times.

    Sun Jan 21
    106.5 WHLK Cleveland, OH 11.5KW at 1037@ 155 miles
    Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" overpowering local WDSN Reynoldsville/Dubois, PA.
    Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    106.9 WRQK Canton, OH 27.5KW/338 feet at 147 miles
    Music with liner "Canton's Rock Station, 106.9". Over powering semi local Kiss 106.9 WKZA Jamestown. WRQK's HD was flickering and you can hear in this clip where it locks and unlocks twice. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CKUE-FM 95.1 Chatam-Kent, Ontario 42KW at 438 feet at 191 miles
    Not new, but I like hearing this as it has to overpower semi local willie 95.1 WYLE Grove City, PA to get to me Heard with Chatam-Kent weather forecast, station news website, liner and back into music. The signal was pretty good, it got a little noisy at times but held for like 90 minutes. Here's some audio:

    Sun Jan 21st
    NEW! 94.3 CKSY Chatam-Kent, Ont 50kw at 438 feet at 191 miles
    Usually, it's 94.3 WBXQ or 94.3 WUZZ here, neither is very strong though. The signal was about as good as CKUE's, maybe slightly noisier but not bad at all. Here's some audio:

    Sun Jan 21st
    NEW!! 88.3 CJIQ Paris, Ontario 10.6KW at 721 feet at 150 miles
    Ads for local supporting businesses and liner "88.3 CJIQ, The Tri cities alternative", back into music. Signal was very good at times, but would trade places with a semi local catholic formatted station which is what usually owned the channel. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21st
    NEW!! CHRW-FM 94.9 London, Ontario 6KW at 340 feet at 160 miles
    "The Freeway Show" with DJ Jukebox, mentioning his name and show and shout-outs to people in the local area. Signal was fair, getting real noisy and weak at times. Usually semi local WHKS is solidly in to my location. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CKDK-FM 103.9 Woodstock, Ontario. 51kw at 454 feet at about 170 mile.s
    Not new, but one of my more favorite stations to hear. It has to overtake semi local WAGL 103.9 with the same format to make it to my radio. Exceptional signal on this evening. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CJBX-FM 92.7 London, Ontario 50kw at 396 feet at about 160 miles
    Not the first or even 5th time I've heard the signal, but I like the station. It has to overtake semi local WCCR to show up on my radio. and sometimes, I get lucky and it shows up with RDS. Here's some audio and a fantastic signal:

    Sat Jan 20
    NEW!! CHST-FM 102.3 London, Ontario 100KW at about 375 feet at about 160 miles
    Matched audio to webstream when I realized this wasn't Z102.3 WQHZ Erie. That small 6kw FM usually doesn't great out here from 80 miles away. CHST's signal was fairly good at times. Here's audio:

    Sat Jan 20th
    CBLA-FM-2 89.1 Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont 10.4kw at 816 feet at about 160-170 miles
    "The Vinyl Tap" with Randy Bachman. Signal was fairly good at times, did get a little noisy here and there. Here's some audio:

    Wed Jan 17
    CBL-FM-2 90.7 Paris, Ontario 8.237KW at 816 feet
    "Reclaimed" program with some pretty neat music. Signal was pretty good at times, did get a little noisy and staticy at times, but when it was "in", it was pretty listenable. Here's some audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CHAY-FM 93.1 Barrie, Ontario 100kw at 992 feet at 212 miles
    Not the first time I've heard CHAY, only the second or third time but the previous times were very quick, fleeting and kind of weak fade ups. Heard it this time with public service announcements, ads and station liners. By far, the best signal I've had from CHAY. Here's some audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CHKX-FM 94.7 Hamilton, Ontario 100KW at 460 feet at about 170 miles
    Not the first time I've heard this signal, but by far the best and most longest lasting signal I've had. I do have a 250 watt translator on 94.5 about 1 mile up the road to contend with, which is where some of the "Grunge" in the CHKX signal comes from. Here's audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CHFI-FM 98.1 Toronto, Ontario 44KW at about 1350 feet at about 170 miles
    Not the best or longest lasting signal I've had form CHFI, but this one is a bit rare. Here's some audio:

    Sun Jan 21
    CBLA-FM 99.1 Toronto, Ontario 98KW at about 1350 feet at about 170 miles.
    I've heard this signal a few times, but it's usually a fairly quick and weak catch. This signal didn't last long but the overall quality was ok. Here's some audio:

    Sat Jan 20
    CBL-FM 94.1 Toronto, Ontario 38KW at about 1450 feet at about 170 miles
    This one is a toughie, as I have WKBI 93.9 with it's 25KW about 1 1/2 miles away from me. The signal is good this time, but like usual, it gets a bit squashed by WKBI splatter. Here's some audio:

    Wed Jan 17th
    CJBC-FM-4 99.3 London, Ontario 22.5kw at 460 feet at about 160 miles
    This CJBC 860 rebroadcasting carrying the Ici Radio-Canada Premièr has been heard here but has to overtake a 7kw semi local that usually lights up RDS. On this date it was pretty strong and like a local at times. Here's audio:

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    I like to send an email to stations with the audio clips and details of my reception, where I am and etc cuse If I get a kick out of it, I figure they might.

    CKUE/CKSY responded within 2 hours.
    KX94.7 CHKX responded in 17 minutes!

    Only other station I sent an email to was 105.1 2Day FM,CJED and that was well after business hours tonight
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