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    Default element length

    I own 2 older but new Winegard antennas model HD7010 with are 2-69 channel units. The new spectrum does not require the longer elements for 2-6 so I'd like to reduce the size of some of VHF elements to match the current spectrum 7-51. Has anyone done this or have a formula to downsize the present elements? This would make these antennas more wind and attic friendly. Thank in advance for your time.

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    What do you mean the *new spectrum does not require the longer elements for 2-6" ?? DTV 2-6 still exists and there will be more stations added to those assignments, after the re-pack. Maybe you don't have any 2-6 channels in your local market, but if you are even slightly interested in E-skip, you definitely have to have those longer elements to reliably receive the 2-6 frequencies. I don't know why you would want to take away the ability to receive DTV 2-6.
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    Tom, here is a case in point, from Jim's post.

    The number in the yellow background is indeed the RF channel, the one that TV stations actually use. It may be the same channel number as their "virtual" (on air) one, or it may not.

    The FCC just finished its "repacking" project, where some stations took money to go to a lower-band RF channel. I see that KWHY 22 in L.A. plans to move its RF from 42 (its current RF channel) to 4. You are more near San Diego, I see, but by all means, don't count out those lowbanders!

    (That being said, Mexico has absolutely NO 2-6's; their decision.)

    If you have one of these Winegards in tip top shape, and don't want to use it, I may wanna talk! PM me?

    EDIT: After all ten phases of the repacking are complete, channels 37 to 51 will be gone.

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