Relocating and putting my secret stash of vintage equipment on the forums.

All product is new in factory boxes.


Winegard AP-2870 - Dual Input, VHF & UHF Inputs Preamplifier
- No need to have a combiner on the tower to mix your VHF and UHF signals
- Preamplifier with separate inputs
- Gain
- 17dB VHF, NF 2.9dB UHF 19dB,, NF 2.9dB

Winegard AP-8275 - VHF/UHF Preamplifier

- Gain
- 29dB VHF, NF 2.9dB, 28dB UHF, NF 2.8dB

Winegard AP-3700 - Single Input VHF Preamplifier
- Great for VHF/FM
- Lowest Noise Factor Premaplifier made by Winegard
- 17dB gain, NF 2.6dB

Get them before they are gone....

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