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Thread: Final Grade--2007 E Skip Season Marks

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    Craig-CO Guest


    Only my second season with FM DXing, I can only compare it to last summer and I give it a B, I thought about a C though.
    Not nearly as good as last summer.
    This year the openings seemed shorter in duration then last year and it also seemed there werent any or many openings in the evenings like last year. Last year it seemed to me there was Es every evening in June.

    Several memorable days this season though in late June. June 25 it was open here for 10 hours and on June 26th it was open for 12 hours.

    For 2007,

    115 New FM loggings
    May = 7
    June = 85
    July = 23
    August = 0

    The Es just stopped after a very brief opening on August 9th.
    And then I didnt hear any more Es at all. So August was about nil here for Es.

    Denver, CO

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    Doug Speheger Guest

    Default B

    After a slow start, late June and July were pretty good, so I'll give the season a B.

    I had 309 id's of 262 different stations, and 179 of them new this year. I got a new Canadian province (Alberta), three new U.S. states (WA, ND, SD), and two new Mexican states (Coahuila, Nuevo Leon), and a new country (Cuba).

    Highlights include:

    • June 2: Received a couple of stations from Lethbridge Alberta Canada for my first Alberta stations.
    • June 25 - June 30: 6 straight days of FM Es.
    • June 26: Open into rare (for me) territory of the upper Midwest. 28 stations (27 new), and received my first stations from North Dakota and South Dakota.
    • June 27: My highest estimated Es critical frequency (28.25 MHz) based on receiving 3 stations from Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas Mexico (~548 miles) up to 107.3 MHz! Also added Coahuila and Nuevo Leon as new Mexican states received.
    • July 29: The big opening to both the northwest (and my first Washington state station), but also mainly to the southeast (adding my first two confirmed Cuban stations). Jim Thomas' "Emisoras de FM" book arrived just in time to help id the Cuban stations! (Thanks, Jim!) 72 stations identified, 44 of them new.

    My log for the year is at: .


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    fmdxer1 Guest


    I'm glad for July 29th. I nearly "gave up" a few days before, then..wham! I get the best opening to the Caribbean and far down in Mexico. The farthest was a station in Veracruz.. lasted all day and wound up in TX. before fading. I had one day in Aug. of some Es.. it was to Quebec.


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    Apr 2006
    Mukwonago, WI USA


    I did catch a few E's openings that were pretty good, but they were few and far between. Numerous times when folks were logging my locals and stations all around me, I had nothing here. I never really believed in one way skip, but now I do. Frustrating.

    Grade = C

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