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Thread: POLL 4: FM DX Pests

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    From Cape Cod:TO THE NORTH
    WBQX, Thomaston, ME
    WHOM, Mount Washington, NH
    WZID, Manchester, NH
    WBOQ, Gloucester, MA
    WPUR Atlantic City, NJ
    WALK, Patchogue, NY
    WBMW, Ledyard, CT
    WBAZ, Bridgehampton, NY

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    No such thing as an FM pest here anymore. Local pests block every channel.

    Just a few years ago that wasn't the case. 94.9 Pensacola, Denver's 95.7 La Tricolor and an NPR station in Colorado (Pueblo IIRC) were well represented.

    XHMZI in Melchor Muzqiz, Coah., came in a few times, but on account of the fact it was my first Mexican FM and its distance, I can't call it a pest.
    Comparing Sporadic-E skip to skip on the AM and shortwave bands is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Comparing tropo to skip is like comparing apples and bacon cheeseburgers.

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    In looking back to my initial post in this poll, back in 2005, things have really changed. My top Es pests are now on 88.1 ( because I've continuously monitored that frequency for several years running: KAYT-LA and WMAW-MS. No surprise there either as I get more Es to the Gulf area than anywhere else. My former pest frequency ( 88.7 ) largely succumbed to IBOC not long after my original post..
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    Some new FM-LPs, a totally uneeded repeater for 92.5 WXRV, on 96.5, new (& old) Haitian pirates ("we'll leave the carrier on for you" with no programming), & redundant religious repeaters. Heaven forfend there be two on the same channel, what a pileup!
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