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Thread: Automated DTV scanning and logging web page

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    JimS, you didn't mention this - IS it possible you have a bad coax connection somewhere? IF you have eliminated that as a possibility, please add that to your observations above or add a comment to that regard.

    Besides DTV dxing, my other TV hobby is FTA satellite. Whenever I have signal issues that are affecting the receiver in general, the first thing I check are all the connections. I don't just mean that a connection isn't screwed in tight, BUT, perhaps a connector has developed a bad ground (loose) and needs to be replaced. Your comment that the HDHR isn't locking on much except the strong signals makes me suspicious of the integrity of your coax run.

    Suggestion - starting at the tuner, work your way back to the antenna, checking all connections in the coax run. IF you have any splitters/combiners in the coax run, test it by removing it and temporarily have a straight run to the HDHR. Eliminate ANYTHING that could possibly be bad.
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