View Poll Results: Which of these is your biggest TV skip pest of all time?

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  • WESH-2 Daytona Beach FL

    1 6.67%
  • WPBT-2 Miami FL

    3 20.00%
  • WEDU-3 Tampa FL

    2 13.33%
  • KPRC-2 Houston TX

    1 6.67%
  • KMID-2 Midland TX

    0 0%
  • KENW-3 Portales NM

    1 6.67%
  • KNAZ-2 Flagstaff AZ

    0 0%
  • KSNC-2 Great Bend KS

    0 0%
  • the Cuban test pattern

    0 0%
  • someone else

    7 46.67%
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Thread: POLL: The biggest skip pest of all time

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    pbaskind Guest

    Default When I'm on TV...

    WPBT/Miami. I hear FL on 6m ALL THE TIME during the Summer, and when it happens, I can count on seeing PBS rolling up on channel 2.

    I also get 2 from Monterrey a goodly amount, too.

    Now, in the old days in Pascagoula, it was doubtless KNOP-2 and KWGN-2. I could darn-near plan TV viewing from Denver.

    Peter, Memphis

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    Seoul, Korea

    Lightbulb Wesh 2 - Wbrz 2

    Here in West Michigan, probably about half of my Es in the summer comes from Florida... WESH is almost always the "unknown" NBC affiliate that flirts with me for hours at a time, while WBRZ 2 Baton Rouge is my other big one that will often hang on for hours at a time as Es to the point I can often watch the 10 o'clock news on the channel. It keeps almost a tropo pattern... yet somehow manages to be Es still. Channel 3 is local but almost 100% of the time my Es is Pensacola's ghost image over top of it with their sync bar.

    -Chris Kadlec
    Fremont MI

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    Macomb (western IL)


    Nowadays the biggest pest is XEPM-2, but that's with the USA analogs gone.

    Useta' be WPBT-2
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    Frank, the most common station here via Es in 2011 is XEWO-2 Guadalajara, with XHP-3 Puebla second. Notice I didn't call them pests; they will be missed when the Mexico analogs go off.
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    WPBT wouldn't have been a "DX pest," due to it being a local of mine! Pre-transition, I'd say maybe WSIL-3 or WFSB-3. Now it's the 2 Global Bancroft & XHRIO!


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    Northern NY


    I haven't really gotten into any TV dxing, but I wonder how digital VHF-L would be here since I still get a lot of analog Canadians with tropo.

    2 is CIII (Global) translator in Bancroft
    3 is CBOT (CBC) translator in Pembroke
    4 is CBOT (CBC) Ottawa
    5 is CHRO (A) Pembroke
    6 is CJOH (CTV) translator in Deseronto / CIII (Global) translator in Ottawa

    After August many of these will be going digital though.

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