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Thread: Is DTV DXing As Enjoyable as Analog TV DXing?

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    tvropro Guest


    Digital is good till you hit the digital cliff then it gets quite aggravating. I also don't really care for how airplane flutter affects a digital signal. When it's solid locked it's great.

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    N1LF Guest

    Default Brave New World

    I'm new to the game, but find pluses and minuses when it comes to DTV. In 2001, when I left the hobby, DTV was just coming into the scene. I had a WinTV card, and had to be one of the first people in my area to watch DTV and HD off the air. Truly experimental in those days...with hours of art cards, and strange programming.

    Now that the technology has "matured", I find it a mixed bag. It's cool to see PSIP signals decode, even if a picture isn't viewable. And the move of domestic stations has opened up some truly incredible analog DX on the low bands.

    But it's also hard not to miss something that was such a part of my childhood.

    But change is part of life, and the best we can do is adapt to it. The best part is that the death of TV DXing has been greatly exaggerated. The hobby seems to be alive and well, and I hope that it will continue for generations to come.


    Les Rayburn, N1LF

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    Radiotron Guest


    I tend to not enjoy digital DXing as much but still avidly do it. So far Houston and Austin, Texas are the longest digital. I'm in New Orleans and use a Channel Master 4251 With a Wade VIP-307SR underneath about 32 feet up. It's a hefty package but a older Alliance U-110 has been a trooper at handling the two on one double (one split and forced into the other) mast.
    Average reliable is around 125 to 150 miles on the CM4251.
    The VIP-307SR generally gets aimed at Mexico for low band VHF analog.

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    I estimate that I enjoy DTV-DX'ing somewhere between 15% and 20% as much as I enjoy(ed) analog. Gone are the days of incipient CCI that doesn't belong, watching it slowly build until the Tropo duct causes the 570-mile analog signal to overpower (or at least be able to produce an audio of a different offset that can be separated, perhaps) the "pest" that's 115 miles in the same direction. Some of the analog CCI just "looked really cool" - I remember a good example of the [VERY RARE] KLEW-3 causing VERY exotic-looking CCI against KTVO. Every opening had different mixes of CCI, and it could be fun when (on ES) one station may be coming in with a snowfree picture and no apparent CCI, yet the audio is coming from another station. All of this stuff is gone by the wayside now, other than the fact that "foreign countries" are still analog, but that won't last either.

    With DTV, there is little leeway between a signal-quality bar which is low or "bad," and something that decodes with absolutely perfect video. There is no such thing as video CCI, ever, with DTV - the only effect of CCI is to cause something not to decode. The "bad" or weak quality bar for some NEEDED exotic logging at a distance of 625 Tropo miles, or for something 58 miles away that you don't happen to have the antenna pointed at, looks exactly the SAME. Boring!

    It's like DX'ing with "VIDEO AND AUDIO MUTING" on, basically. On the other hand, once something is coming in, it (in effect) ID'S **CONSTANTLY**, with the rare exception of those few DTV's that don't transmit PSIP information.

    I'm waiting for somebody to come out with a decoder which, THOUGH IT MAY NOT PRODUCE THE VIDEO, will "decode" and show a PSIP as soon as the unit detects that there is indeed a signal with SOME (poor) data quality trying to come in. In other words, those signals and ubiquitous bars that show up as "bad" or low would give PSIP information long before there was a usable enough quantity of good data to give video. Of course, this box would need to be as sensitive as, say, the Insignia/Zenith boxes. There have been many openings where EVERY DTV channel (other than lowband) has some level of signal bar, but most of them are too poor to decode. A signal bar *ALWAYS* means that there is ONE specific station coming in stronger than anything else is right now. If there are two stations of equal strength, there will simply be no bar at all.

    It would make things so much easier if this stuff would decode...and I'd pay SERIOUS money for any kind of box that would do this!!
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    With analog, I used to be able to see local channels pretty well. But I could see the Joplin, MO stations as well as Columbia, MO and several others from Springfield. Before I really had any idea about skip and tropo, I managed to see quite distant stations brought in by atmospheric phenomena (one station came in from Idaho, another time I had a Florida and South Carolina station duking it out for my attention) as well. Usually at least a little interference on locals even, but not enough to detract from viewing pleasure. Now, it is a good day when I can make it through one program without at least a couple or three break-ups. "Distant" stations are now a county or two away. I hate digital. The trade-offs are not worth it, to me. I'd rather see a little snow than a blank screen anyday, and I would REALLY like to see those Joplin, Columbia and other regionals come in regularly or at least on many occasions as well as distant stations!

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