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Thread: Grading the 2009 Es season

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    I think we have to break down the Es season in 2 categories: "Post-analog TV" & "etc."

    Like Danny, I did not get anything over 1400 miles, unless Sudbury ON is farther---never got Sudbury b4, nor anything that far north.

    OTOH, it was certainly nice to see Es on analog channels beside 3, from home! This to me meant no trips to bug-infested Everglades City or Flamingo (although I always go there prepared), as now I don't have to dodge channels 2, 4, 5 & 6. My debut "non-WPBT" 2 was TA in Dominican Republic. The new Canadians, Mexicans, etc. came pouring in.

    Keep in mind that there are some folk here who have received 2Es this year, especially those in new England. Likely, this was due to WGBH saying bye bye, was it not? Also TVN Panama on 3 from IL. (2Es for me would mean Ecuador, Brazil, California, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the Maritimes, etc....but they are still at large.)


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    Here in northeast Tennessee I would grade the 2009 Es season a C+. May Es was virtually non-existent. June and July were pretty good. About the only thing to note was the June 22 opening to the Caribbean, and the fact that I spent more time on freq's above 99mhz this year so I was able to log many new stations. August was zilch! First time never heard Es in August. It was such a short Es season this year. And so far as TV goes I could care less for it. The digital conversion forced upon us by the US government this year has made me disgusted with TV. I'm DXing FM only with AM/SW on the side in the winter. IBOC ruined AM just like digital ruined TV. But anyway C+ for 2009 Es season.

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    Tim, Tim, Tim!! Analog in other countries is still around, and the sky's the limit now! July 12 was a date I had been waiting for, for 3 years, and now it's here......

    Naturally I cannot see US analog TV, outside of LPTV & translators, but maybe you and I differ, in the sense that I like non-US catches.

    Don't store that analog TV away yet!

    PS--- DTV ch 5 is a local for you though, isn't it? if so, bummer.


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    pjdyer Guest


    With a comparatively dismal FM Es level in August the 2009 summer season is now "over" here with updated. For an expanded numeric table of the data see

    73, Pat - WA5IYX

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    N5XZS Guest


    I would grade, a C since most of summer was amost non event for me execpt saved by the bell, early to mid Steptember when the E-skips finaly open up here in Albuquerque, NM.

    I mostly do TV DXing ether analog or digital video format.


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    I graded the season a C+, however I have relatively little to compare to with only two official seasons under my belt. I consider myself still new at this whole thing. This year was the year of the Sony and the FM-6 for me, both new additions. I love them to death.

    As far as TV, no DTV decodes the entire summer, although I wasn't concentrating on TV as much as FM. I did see several analogs via Es, including KPRC before the nightlight went bye bye and KCRA prior to the transition. The others were from Canada. I need an antenna designed for VHF, and I need to move to an area with a less crowded dial.

    Like in Albuquerque, my season started late, officially beginning in June. It abruptly ended at the end of July and has been nill since. I went back to mediumwave for awhile, until I started getting tropo lately.

    It was however, the best season I've had, beating 2007 and 2008.
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    Justin W. - Blaine, Minnesota (EN35)
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    DTV dx: Insignia Tuner that everyone else has.
    DTV dx2: Vizio 24" DTV built in 2011 (hooked to Insignia).
    DTV dx3: Emerson 40" DTV built in August of 2015.
    FM Antenna: 4 Element Beam similar to the FM-6 just missing two elements.
    TV Antenna: RCA Suburban VHF-HI/UHF on the same mast as the FM antenna.

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    Default My opinion to the '09 season

    My opinion was very good. I got through six Es openings, on June 26th (only 1 logging, but was new), July 1st, July 8th (only 1 logging, but it was new), July 13th, July 23rd and July 28th (no new loggings). I made several new logs, but was a little bit on the busy side here in Bothell, WA (near Seattle). Here's my new logs and my final score.

    June 26th
    93.7: KWYR Winner, SD (1120 miles)

    July 1st
    87.7 KRMA Denver, CO (1018 miles)
    101.9 KIGN Burns, WY (988 miles)
    96.1 KSME Greeley, CO (1003 miles)
    104.1 KNAB Burlington, CO (1155 miles)
    96.9 KCMI Terrytown, NE (around 992 miles)
    93.7 KAZY Cheyenne, WY (967 miles)
    104.7 KNNG Sterling, CO (1055 miles)

    91.1 KTNE Alliance, NE (1007 miles)
    91.5 KUWD Sundance, WY (885 miles)

    July 8th
    102.1 KPRI San Diego, CA (1073 miles)

    July 13th
    95.3 KYDN Monte Vista, CO (1077 miles)
    101.9 KATP Amarillo, TX (1360 miles, farthest Es logging ever!!)
    91.1 KLDV Morrison, CO (1017 miles)
    101.9 KKHI Denver, CO (1020 miles)

    102.1: Heard rock music here around 1:45PM local time, by the time the Denver stations really took over, so it must be KSMT Breckenridge, CO at 989 miles, but no ID
    105.7: Heard something moderately rock sounding, around 2:00PM. Could be KPMX Sterling, CO, 1055 miles. No ID.

    July 23rd
    95.3 KBBN Broken Bow, NE (1190 miles)
    94.5: KLIQ Hastings, NE (1276 miles)

    96.9: Heard talk programming here, must be relog of KCMI
    103.3: Heard national news and "Desparado" by the Eagles. Who is this? I think it's KJLS Hays, KS, but it could be something completely different.
    106.5: National news stories, heard a minute or so after the top of the hour
    102.1: unIDs, no IDs in sight

    July 28th
    No new logs, but one tentative

    94.5: Spanish music, don't know. I was thinking Brawley, CA, but it could be something completely different.

    I got 15 new logs this year. Not a lot, but a start. Let's hope that 2010 is a super year for E-skip!!

    Final Grade: A- (not a lot of logs, but 15, a start!)

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    Default Grading the 2009 Es season

    This was my first year DXing with a real outside beam antenna and running 4 simultaneous radios logging audio so it is hardly fair to compare to past years.

    The opening on 7/29/09 was truly remarkable with over 150 stations logged (100 of them new at the time). The opening was so intense that I actually had to position the beam broadside to the paths to knock some of them down in strength. It was literal white noise overload for over 90 minutes. I had some of my strongest locals getting overtaken.

    I also received my furthest station and only second by double-hop in 2009, 94.7 XHRP Saltillo, Mexico at 1801 miles.

    Paul's Ireland to Alabama reception of over 4000 miles was astonishing and proves that anything is possible when multiple clouds line up. How can you not award an A to a season that includes that? Those of us on the east coast of the US may need to point our beams northeast and check those even numbered frequencies that we always overlook when the maps indicates transatlantic 6m.
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    APS-9B @ 33'

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