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Thread: 6/29/2010 Rare 2x from Nevada and Utah into Pennsylvania

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    Nice going, Steve and the signal levels are just unbelievable. I was listening to the skip this morning while working. I noted several signals on 92.5 switching rapidly between Gainsville, FL, Oklahoma City, Philipsburg KS and probably some others. It seemed like a marginal opening that had trouble staying in the FM range. I didn't think too much about it. I wish now that I had listened a little harder.

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    KY-Near-Cincinnati Guest


    Interesting to note that the DX robot... later on in the day.... showed MUFs at 144 Mhz and higher. I wonder if there is any connection to the 2X hop.

    "Jun29 19:15 MUF MAY BE ABOVE 222 MHz ABOVE DN31"

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    Nice catches- I just realized that the address you heard- 595 East Plumb Lane- is the address for the KNEV's (and the rest of Citadel's Reno stations) studios

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    I had a nice strong reception of "Magic 95.5" a couple years ago and Googled that slogan and KNEV was the only result then. I was a bit excited at the time then realized it was "Majic 95.5"
    Why do they do that in radio?

    I'll bet Steve still has the "Tom's Diner" tune going through his head
    Randy KW4RZ Fort Walton Beach, Florida panhandle EM60

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    Default RE: 6/29/2010 Rare 2x from Nevada and Utah into Pennsylvania

    Congrats on the rare 2-Es FM DX. I'd imagine 2-Es is harder in the US due to heavy band conjestion? (lack of available FM channels)


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    I was thinking to myself "HEY! Why does he get a sticky and I don't!?" ... but you totally deserve it!!! Right place, right time, and awesome catches any one of us would die for!! Of course, some of us are stuck toward the middle of the country where something like this would only occur south toward Mexico and South America... which makes for a rough time with language and lack of databases.

    But a dipole to Reno!?! And you got double hop on FM, as opposed to on TV! Major accomplishment.

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    Superb catches Steve! loved the KNIS one on the dipole.

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    I don't know how you did it, but congratulations!!
    How did I ever miss seeing this thread?? And How did you ever get a clear 95.5 ??? Amazing!
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    I'm with Mike on this - I somehow missed this thread when it happened, probably because I was buried in my own recordings from 3 receivers.

    Congrats, Steve ! Excellent catches - amazing in fact.

    Probably never happen down here with all of the RF and local IBOC.
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    Default (Re-Added Audio and Screenshots) 6/29/2010 2x from Nevada and Utah into Pennsylvania

    I re-added the audio and screenshots missing that were lost in this thread due to the migration of the forum to the new host.

    913_KNIS_06_29_2010_1107_2x.mp3Click image for larger version. 

Name:	955_KNEV_06_29_2010_1106_2x.jpg 
Views:	135 
Size:	58.8 KB 
ID:	12448955_KNEV_06_29_2010_1106_2x.mp3Click image for larger version. 

Name:	955_KNEV_Webpage.jpg 
Views:	131 
Size:	168.0 KB 
ID:	12450955_KYFO_06_29_2010_1114_2x.mp3Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PA to NV-UT.jpg 
Views:	141 
Size:	171.0 KB 
ID:	12452Click image for larger version. 

Name:	913_KNIS.jpg 
Views:	133 
Size:	117.5 KB 
ID:	12453
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