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    I relogged WWL-FM Kenner LA during the 10AM CDT hour today, I had pretty much been disappointed with the DX for the most part (except for a log of WZKX 107.9). Station was in and out and dealing with CCI from Monroe LA, Mena AR and other areas.

    Not very often that WWL comes up this way via FM, Here is a clip of some audio. Unretouched MP3. Also attached is a screenshot of when reception was strong enough to allow RDS to decode at 10:37AM CDT.

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    pjdyer Guest


    Things have changed a bit since I heard them last
    101.9 LA NEW ORLEANS (tr) WWL- 05-03-1971 0200
    105.3 LA SLIDELL (tr) WXEL 07-01-1980 0259
    What with our 101.9 becoming NSP and 105.3 "moving" in from Seguin I was unaware of the frequency flips in that market.

    73, Pat - WA5IYX

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