View Poll Results: What is your main FM DXing antenna?

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  • APS-13/14

    6 14.63%
  • APS-9

    6 14.63%
  • FM/VHF/(UHF?) combo

    4 9.76%
  • Probe 9

    2 4.88%
  • Rabbit ears

    3 7.32%
  • RS 6 Element

    5 12.20%
  • Whip/vertical/portable

    2 4.88%
  • Winegard

    6 14.63%
  • Wire

    2 4.88%
  • Other [Yagi etc] (Please specify)

    5 12.20%
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Thread: Main FM DXing antenna?

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    Princeton, NJ

    Default Main FM DXing antenna?

    This forums been kinda dead so lets see if we can get some action going in here... What is the main FM antenna you use to DX? (Ill post one about a TV for you folks later or somebody else can )
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    Michael T-S
    Central New Jersey
    Sony XDR-S3HD
    Yamaha T-80 w/ Conrad RDS manager
    Boston Acoustics Recepter HD
    APS-13 @ ~35' / Comet CX333 (Offline)
    APS-9B indoors/mobile
    RS 6 Element indoors/mobile
    40 N

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    The main antenna is an APS-13 from Ed Hanlon. It's a good antenna, a little on the long side and too pricey for many people. My phase antenna is an old CM 4408 (stereo Probe 9) what has 3 directors removed so I can hand rotate it and not hit my roof. It's only 13" above ground. I have one more spare Probe 9, just in case.

    Anyone who has wanted an outdoor FM antenna has found his choices are VERY limited. I'd like to see just what shows up in this thread. There ARE a couple of available and reasonably priced outdoor FM antennas out there so we'll see if anyone uses them.
    Mike B.
    Enfield, CT
    -72° 30' W/41° 59' N

    Online since 1999 and still going at

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    adamrivers Guest


    I bought the Winegard HD6065 from Stark Elec. on sale for $59 plus shipping and it works good so far even though I think that some of the connections are not correct..

    Adam Rivers
    WILI-FM Weekends

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    I opted for the APS-9 due largely tto space, since I mounted it 15' off the ground inside the peakedroof of the garage. I tried it fixed-mounted up on the mast below the 2m amateur yagi and found that my proximity to my locals ( 7-10 miles for several of them ) created too much overload and spurs, so the lower elevation made sense. It also reduced concerns about wind load for the two antenna on one mast.

    I don't have experience with anything better, but my only complaint is that I get a lot of signal off the back end. Side-to-front rejection is much better than back-to-front. I'm sure, based on my experiences with the ham antenna that this is something which is a function of length.
    Russ Edmunds
    15 mi NW Philadelphia, PA
    WB2BJH -- Grid FN20id
    Yamaha T-80 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    Yamaha T-85 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    Onkyo T450RDS; 4) Tecsun PL-310;
    Sony ICF2010; all w/ APS-9B @ 15';
    2) Sony ICF2010 barefoot w/ whip

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    GotNEDX Guest

    Default Aps 9

    I've been very happy with my APS-9. I mounted it
    on a mast off our back porch; it's about 18' AGL.
    With it being on a rotor, even though it's no higher
    than the lower roof line of our tri-level (see
    attached photo) it's so much better than trying to
    use my Winegard VHF as an FM antenna. I couldn't
    be happier!

    Now, having never used an APS-13, I can't say
    how much better things could be, but the TV
    antennas are on the tip of the taller roof,
    so this was the best option I had for the FM...
    and so far it works great for me, even with the
    less than optimal setup. How could I *not*
    recommend it??


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    I live in a high RF area (2 - 100kw and 3 - 3.5-50kw stations 3 miles away)
    and need to use attenuation. For the antenna I use a modified TV log periodic array with the elements adjusted to cover everything from 55-180 MHz, mounted on a rotor in the attic. It's not exceptionally directional but due to antenna restrictions on the outside of the house it will have to do. Metal ducting in the attic interferes with the directivity. I have to use the attenuator in the Denon TU1500RD in the 96-101 MHz range pointing anywhere from 90-180 degrees. In addition more attenuation is obtained by splitting the coax 4 ways to feed the TV set, 2 FM tuners and the PRO2004 25-1300MHz scanning receiver.

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    KYYZPD Guest


    When I lived in Marks, Mississippi I had a Kenwood 104AR Tuner(I think, I dont recall the exact model) and used a wire antenna that ran along the very top of the wall in my office. It was long enough to go ALL the way around the room and slightly touch at the very end.

    When I was at WTIR, I didn't really DX for awhile but then I went to RadioShack and bought a Rooftop Antenna (one they sell for $100) along with tripod, mast and rotor. And heck, I don't remember the model number of that either!!

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    Two stacked Weingard HD6065Ps up 40 ft. It was hard finding the second one (discontinued) but I *LOVE* 'em. Feeds into an Icom R7100 modified with SNR 110khz ceramic filters. SWEEET! Life is good.
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    ai4i Guest


    Were I a serious FM DXer, I would have a pair of LP-yagi type antennę, but in a CP configuration with a four position H/V/LH/RH or H/V/CW/CCW switch. Has any one considered using one?

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    Mukwonago, WI USA


    Circularly polarized with two antennas? Would it work? Would it help? It would be BIG! My two 12 footers are pretty big by themselves!
    Stellar Labs 4 element yagi, Stellar Labs halo omni directional loop, Kenwood KT591 tuner with 110khz Murata IF filters, Sansui G-5700 tuner/amp.

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