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Thread: XEFE 2----had to be

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    Default XEFE 2----had to be

    I think Danny said that XEFE 2 Nuevo Lardeo has not been reported for a while. I caught it around 12:45pm. It had to be them, as they had "Noticias al Dia" during "El Gordo y la Flaca", and during the news was a guy with a "NUEVO LAREDO" banner in the back. Wouldn't ya know, I thought I recorded that part, but it was not on tape. Here was the best snap I could get. Logo as shown on websites is close enough.

    EDIT: Must have goofed; a full pic here. BTW also:

    XHRIO 2 in strong for about an hour
    unID 6 Canal Cinco, had to be Monterrey


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    Nice catch, Christopher. You are the third DXer to report seeing XEFE during the last couple of weeks. I wonder if XEFE has made a change in power or something.
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    That's probably the newly louder 55.24 vid carrier that I've been noting. The tropo down there has really been intense with their DT-25 and DT-8 decoding off the back of my CM4228.

    73, Pat - WA5IYX

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