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Thread: 5-12-11 Tropo

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    Default 5-12-11 Tropo

    Tropo from AR, IL, GA, MS, TN.

    All times are GMT.

    02:13 KARZ 44/42 Little Rock, AR. 265 mi.
    02:30 WTOK 11 Meridian, MS. 315 mi.
    05:44 WCBI 35/4 Columbus, MS. 210 mi.
    05:59 WRSP 44/55 Springfield, IL. 210 mi.
    06:18 WPXA 51/14 Rome, GA. 255 mi. "ION"
    06:21 WUVG 48/34 Athens, GA. 325 mi.
    06:52 WATE 26/6 Knoxville, TN. 255 mi.
    06:55 WBXX 20 Crossville, TN. 200 mi.
    07:00 WJHL 11 Johnson City, TN 350 mi.
    07:49 WPCH 20/17 Atlanta, GA. 310 mi.
    07:55 WHSG 44/63 Monroe, GA 330 mi. "TBN"
    08:32 WLOV 16/27 West Point, MS. 210 mi.
    10:41 WVLT 30/8 Knoxville, TN. 255 mi.

    Kind of a slow morning as compared to the past couple of mornings.

    Storms in the forecast for the next five days, so the equipment, and it's tired operator, will get some rest. :-)

    73, Ed NN2E
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    Zenith DTT-901 DTV box
    Icom R-7000
    Sanyo DP19241 monitor/TV
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