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Thread: DX in dreams

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    egrabow Guest

    Default DX in dreams

    I write my dreams down as part of a lucid dreaming exercise. It's only natural that DX comes up in them sometimes.

    Just last night one involved a CBS/UPN station I never saw before. Reception was good, but it was the only DX stations coming in. Me and my sister watched something on it (I forget the program now), then I rolled tape for the (2 or 3 am) break. The first ID was for UPN 42, then there's a letterman promo with a ch 11 logo supering at the end! When the next program starts, they use a cable network bug in the corner... I forgot which.

    (the 11 logo seemed to have skyscapers behind the 1s, reminds me of WPHL)

    There was another a couple of months ago involving an e-skip opening and I had a dozen monitors!!!!!!

    Imagine my disappointment when I looked for the recordings on my real DX tape!

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    Dave-OR Guest


    It's funny, Ryan, I just had a DXing dream two nights ago about a massive FM opening.

    I think I'm DXing too much this spring/summer.

    When I still collected regional TV Guides (when there WERE such things) I would constantly dream of hitting the jackpot in some podunk grocery store by finding a "new" edition or two.

    Dave Williams

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    KC0LTV Guest


    I can think of 3....

    The first I remember was around 2000 or so, and consisted of receiving a FOX station from Texas on channel 49, I think.

    A few years ago, I had a dream of finding every channel filled with excellent, very strong and in color tropo...I remember one channel was from central KS, I think.

    Maybe it was a few nights ago...I dreamt of waking up early in the morning and finding a weak but distant tropo opening on the VHF channels,

    I'm sure I've had many others.

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    egrabow Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by KC0LTV
    I'm sure I've had many others.
    Oh yeah, we all have.

    Whether we remember them or not, we all dream several times a night, especially in the later REM periods (6+ hours into sleep). Typically the ones we remember are the ones that we're interrupted by the alarm clock or something... before the sleep cycle can obliterate memory of the dream.

    Anyway, if we're DXing alot in the summer, with exotic catches going through our heads during the day... then DX is still going through our heads at night, where some interesting catches can manifest themselves.

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    Very interesting.
    There have been many times I've been DXing in my dreams, but usually nothing notable happens in them
    There was one dream about 25 years ago, possibly inspired by the KLEE hoax-come-urban legend:
    Keep in mind this was when all local stations signed off for the night. I actually HAD been looking for DX on an empty channel (Ms, perhaps) and fell asleep.
    Shortly, a signal became to build up on channel 7, immediately recognized as an episode of "I Love Lucy". This went into a station break, with an ad for a jeweler, also in black-and-white, and ending with the phone number "MArket 5-6200", followed by a primitive KAYS (Hays, KS) ID slide, In the dream, I thought to myself "my, how quaint what a small town station would use for graphics", then, the ID slide was followed by an Edsel ad! I was actually seeing an old signal that "must have bounced off another planet somewhere". I soon woke up to a set that had nothing but snow, and wasn't on channel 7 anyway.

    THE BIZZARE COINCIDENCE: Many years later I was passing through Hays, and noticed that all of the businesses had telephone numbers starting with "625" (the equivalent of MA.5)! I had no way at all of knowing this when I had the DX dream!

    73 de N8NU

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    I've had DX in dreams... Everything from stations that don't exist to antennas that don't exist has cropped up at one time or another. One dream I remember that was especially vivid took place outside while using my DX-398. It was during an E-Skip opening when all of a sudden I had on 92.3, "Montana's # Hit Music Station". There is of course no Top 40/CHR in Montana on 92.3, so I donít see that one coming true anytime soon. I'd have to think of others, but more recently was one that happened the other night. I dreamt I had developed an antenna, the size of a large pair of rabbit ears, whose reception rivaled that of a parabolic dish, or maybe even a few. I can remember bringing in Ch 35 in Richmond like a local, and even some in Raleigh, and some to the north. Now that I think of it, the stations in my dream did pretty much parallel what Rick showed me what he could get at the convention, , so that may have been the base for that.

    Then thereís the real life openings that are so good it feels like you must be dreaming, but thatís another thread.
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    Michael T-S
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    dlp85x Guest


    I've had some DX in dreams too, especially this past summer when all afternoon & evening Es came in most nights. Although I primarily DX the FM band, most of my dreams involve TV for some strange reason. I've had dreams where every channel has clear (almost cable-like) reception of distant (and nonexistant) stations, and I've had other situations where every channel (even way past channel 10) were experiencing Es-like reception. I also have had other dreams where I'd watch the station's on-air bug change channels, network affiliations, channel numbers mirror-imaging and turning upside-down, moving its screen placement, etc. in front of my eyes. Of course I rarely realize I am dreaming, most of the time I think "Well of course the logo changes, the "2" should be backwards and upside down!"

    I have two funny FM-related DX dreams I can remember off the top of my head. The first was right after I really started to get into radio and DXing in 1999, before I knew Es existed. I dreamed that my local 98.7 (WMZQ, a country station) was relaying Tampa's 98.7 WLLD, which has an urban format. The station had "Wild 98.7 is brought to you by 98.7 WMZQ Country" type liners as if WMZQ relayed WLLD. Since I didn't know Es existed yet, I thought it was absurd to receive a station so far away.

    The second dream is a recurring dream I've had recently ... I record from the radio 24/7 to check for Ms, and I sometimes dream that I wake up to some exotic RDS info being displayed on my Denon tuner's screen from a Ms ping, such as from the west coast or the Carribbean (long shot from where I am!) One night it was so bad that (in the dream) I woke up at least 2-3 times, each with a far, far away station's RDS readout on my screen. I'd write down what the screen said, or tried to remember it somehow, but I'd then 'wake up' again in the dream and find something else new on the screen. Needless to say, I woke up (for real) with no RDS on my screen, and was frustrated since I knew it was all a dream.

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    mglass1646 Guest

    Default Overboard?

    When I start to dream dx I know I am over doing it! Take a break.

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    Default also "non DX" in dreams

    I dream I catch Mexico, Guatemala, and many of the stations I can typically catch, and although many people do not dream in color, I know I see color in my DX dreams!

    I dream I am in the FL Keys a lot, trying for Cuba....

    But also, I have a dream every now and then, where every channel (especially UHF) is now taken and carrying a local signal, be it full power or LPTV...kinda like a typical cable system over my TV. And then I think "I can't DX anymore!"

    Does anyone have a dream like that?


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    I thought you all were whacko when this was posted 2 years ago
    Then it happened to me. I think it's from too much DXing.
    This dream, or nightmare would be a better description, involved being on a trip to some location that was in the US that I have never been. I was out taking care of some things with a friend and discovered intense E skip was in progress. It was early in the day and we had so many things to do and people to visit. The skip continued and continued but I had to do all these other things, all day long and could not take any time to catch this sporadic E. It got worse... I noticed there were European language DX coming in on the FM radio! And I could not stop to DX and could not identify anything in the few seconds I had at the car radio.
    Finally towards the end of the day we got back to the hotel where I had some equipment set up including two meter ham gear. Tuning across the two meter ham band there were many foreign FM broadcast stations all over 144-146MHz and up, which of course, do not really exist. I vividly remember in the dream finding a broadcast station in the 173MHz range. They were in Russian and other European languages. Nothing was identifyable and this was reminescent of when I went to England in 1995 and had Es in the 65-74 MHz OIRT FM band in real life. Nothing was ever ID'ed, and there were so many of them.
    Back to this weird dream..
    Finally I found a station that IDed and it was on 145 MHz in the two meter band... and it was a Cuban.... After that the band folded and it was all over and I had the feeling of missing the sporadic E of the century. Then I woke up. The "sporadic E alarm" in the other room was starting to make noise from TV video on Es.
    To add to the weirdness I heard an actual Cuban FM station last month that was similar to the dream. I made this short video and dubbed in the audio from that which resembles my vision. The weird tunes are fitting.
    I think I need a new hobby.
    Randy KW4RZ Fort Walton Beach, Florida panhandle EM60

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