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Thread: QSL: TV-DX double hop ES in Germany - ch E3 JRTV JORDAN reception verified - 3.238 km

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    Default QSL: TV-DX double hop ES in Germany - ch E3 JRTV JORDAN reception verified - 3.238 km

    A few days ago, I found a nice surprie in my letter box:
    The quite rare double hop ES reception of JRTV Jordan on VHF ch E3 (55,25 MHz) via ES in Geeste, NW-Germany over a distance of 3.238 km (1.904 miles) has been verified by nice QSL-card.
    Reception date was 24.06.2010, which has been verified by JRTV's head Mr. Soud Kharabsh.

    picture of reception:
    (also sent to JRTV)

    original logo of JRTV:

    receiving QTH:
    - Geeste, North-West Germany

    - PAL-B/G


    QSL time:
    ca. 3 1/2 months
    Due to a lack of time, I did send out my letter with QSL-request of that 2010-reception (including some money for postage) in April of 2011.

    Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
    Jordan TV
    P.O. Box 1041
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    That is very nice.
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    Agreed. Getting a QSL the old fashioned way, via postal mail, can be a real treat. It used to be exciting for me to go to my mailbox to see if there were any replies to my mail.

    As a US Postal Service employee, I try to still use postal mail to pay bills & such.


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