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Thread: Rate the 2012 E Skip Season

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    Jacob Norlund Guest


    Definitely nothing to brag about.

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    Despite the excellent 7/24 opening, I still had my lowest total number of new Es logs in 11 years, and not by a small margin. I did finally get a non-US log on 7/24, a relog from Cuba. That was also only the second day which I noted with high-end MUF.
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    I gave it a "fair" grade.

    Managed to log a few new DTVs but only because the new loggings were not OTA last year. (Atlantic City & a couple Canadian DTVs)

    Didn't see anything out of KSNV DT 2 Las Vegas for the second year in a row.

    The usual analog Es TV DX was seen quite a bit... Canada, Cuba & Mexico.

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