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Thread: HJBH-4 Santa Marta Colombia May 29, 2013 Video and Picture 2120 miles

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    Default HJBH-4 Santa Marta Colombia May 29, 2013 Video and Picture 2120 miles

    Here's HJBH ch4 from May 29, 2013. The antenna was aimed south. DX Maps showed a few traces to South America and the Dominican Republic, but nothing to Mexico. It's a news program.

    Here's the best still I could make from the video:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is the best match I can get from the Caracol website. This is HJBH-4 in Santa Marta, Colombia at 2120 miles. And I may be crazy, but isn't that the same guy in both photos? Thanks Ed for helping me to start on this.

    and here's the video on YouTube
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    The logo, in the lower right, puts me in mind of the Colombian "Caracol" logo.

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    Great catch, Mike. Especially to be all the way up on channel 4.
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