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Thread: Happy 8th Birthday to the Forums !

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    Default Happy 8th Birthday to the Forums !

    Can you believe that the Forums are 8 years old ? Sometimes it seems like they've been here longer than that, others it seem like only a few years.

    In any event, once again both thanks and congratulations are in order for all of those whose efforts keep Forums the successful venture that they are!

    Happy Birthday Forums !
    Russ Edmunds
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    Russ, sometimes I'm amazed at how well WTFDA has managed to use new technologies and move into new areas. It seems like a long time since WTFDA started the e-mail list that is now tvfmdxlist.

    There are some TV/FM DXers out there who would greatly benefit from reading eVUD, WTFDA Forums, tvfmdx, etc. WTFDA membership is inexpensive, and there is no excuse in mind for laziness.

    Many thanks to Tom Bryant, Mike B, and everyone else who helped WTFDA move into the new era of information.
    Shreveport, LA
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