At long last, some clarity on the permit "MX groups" I mentioned above.

It appears as if in Zacatecas, only the UAD station was approved, and in Cancún, they almost didn't give anyone a station. In Mochis, only three stations are being authorized.

Additionally, the IFT will not select social wolves here, saying that if the social applicant is related to commercial stations, it will not be continued.


The IFT shut the door on the fifth mystery applicant, which was Arnoldo Rodríguez Zermeño. Sheesh!

Los Mochis

The applicant turned away was Música de Mis Recuerdos, A.C. (I believe this is related to Impulso a la Música Mexicana.)


The oldest application was to La Voz del Padre Pío, which apparently was a wolf with connections even to commercial stations. The next oldest application is a private school: Instituto Americano Leonardo da Vinci, S.C. Some of the reticence to assign more stations came from IFT-4, where Cancún showed up as one of the most hotly contested cities. There was a ton of discussion on this, and da Vinci actually came out of the fray with a frequency — the only one they awarded!