Gabriel Contreras could be given a renewal of his presidency at the IFT with just a week to go in his term.

Maricarmen Cortés for Excélsior says that the PRI in the Senate is attempting to find the two-thirds majority necessary to ratify Contreras. They may run into trouble when attempting to convince their PAN counterparts, however, who are still angry at the contested and close victory of Ernesto Cordero as Senate president. (Quick summary: 7 PAN senators broke with their party to elect this calderonista, which was a real bad look for the national presidency of the party. The head of the PAN caucus declared, "We've seen who the traitors are that have turned their backs on the people of Mexico.")

Morena and PRD votes would be needed, and they may not be willing to want Contreras.

If they can't get a new president, this can will simply be kicked down the road and addressed in February 2018, when Commissioner Labardini's term expires (she would automatically become the president if no action is taken), and a new commissioner would need to be named.