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Thread: OPMA is changing...

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    The Yucatán Peninsula was so under-developed radio-wise that there was plenty of room to migrate all the AMs. Some are combos, too.

    Speaking of which...

    The XHROJ Saga Gets Even Wilder

    So we've established by now that QFM 104.3 XHROJ may no longer be the real XHROJ.

    Well now it's time to establish another fact: it's no longer owned by Quequi.

    The new owner gets us somewhere very interesting indeed. It's Grupo Acustik Media, which also operates pirate Acustik 95.3.

    Legally, however, that C is a K, and Akustik Media, S.A.P.I. de C.V., made away like a thief in IFT-4 with just one station. While they were probably priced out of Quintana Roo, they got what they wanted in Peto, Yucatán, for the low, low price of 43,000 pesos: XHPYUC-FM. (Akustik also sold the Q. Roo state legislature ad time on QFM in June.)

    XHPYUC's concession is signed for by José Gabriel Gutiérrez Lavín, who also founded Fundación Maya Cancún back in 2000 and last month became the chair of Atlante FC, Cancún's Ascenso MX soccer club.

    That's not all! Another article reveals that Akustik is also behind Escápate al Paraíso, which escaped from the AM side of the auction with a haul of 12 stations. Akustik plans a national newscast and a new radio network picking up smaller stations across the country. They also apparently mounted a bid to expand to TV in IFT-6, which would be dashed by Telsusa, and for the Cancún IFT-4 station on 94.9.

    And another report ties Quequi, Acustik and others to another governor.

    This rabbit hole does not end.
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    Wow, even could you log XETH-1290, XEESC-820 and XESE-1560? That ones were difficult to log. Even XETH, which it was near me, I couldn't get it until it migrated to FM.

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