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Thread: OPMA is changing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trip View Post
    Interesting. Does that mean new iPhones are illegal in Mexico?

    - Trip
    I alway ask why in some countries the cell phones don´t have the FM radio hardware activated, here in El Salvador only the Iphones doesn't. Even the cheapest cell phone have FM radios, without any law requiring that.

    In other hand you also can buy cheap cell phones (less than US$30) with NTSC TV receiver ¡¡

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    Humberto, there has been a LOT of industry write up about Apple REFUSING to activate the FM capability of the iPhone. The controversy behind this circles around the fact that Apple also owns iTunes and they want to try to force the iPhone user to buy music they want to listen to. I read that Apple executives stand on the premise, IF you want to listen to an FM radio with your smart-phone, don't buy an iPhone.

    Currently there are no laws in the US that obligate US phone manufacturers to activate the radio chip that is part of the IC board. From what I have read from Apple's forums, there IS a chip on the IC board, the factory won't enable it. At the store level, they can do nothing about it because it hasn't been enabled. I own an iPhone 5c and did a bunch of research about this.
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    A Mexican radio institution turned 80 years old today.

    La Hora Nacional, the bane of every DXer who hears a Mexican at 10:00 on a Sunday night, began broadcasting on July 25, 1937. Here we are, more than 4,300 airings later.

    It's still going, of course — there was a special edition last Sunday night to commemorate the historic occasion. They also have a special 80th anniversary logo on Twitter that looks pretty spiffy.
    Este programa es público, ajeno a cualquier partido político. Queda prohibido el uso para fines distintos a los establecidos en el programa.

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