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Thread: A major DX'er has passed away. JEFF KADET.

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    Default A major DX'er has passed away. JEFF KADET.

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I do see the recent post about Dave Williams in this Forum.

    I'm unclear on some details because I was in Mount Prospect, Illinois (NW suburb of Chicago) while this was happening, with no email access. I only got home and found out three hours ago.

    Jeff Kadet died at OSF Hospital in Peoria at 2041 Central, on Saturday 22 November. He was flown by helicopter to Peoria after he stopped breathing, but was briefly resuscitated and stabilized so that he could be transported there, a 60-mile flight. The resuscitation was not to last very long - I believe two or three hours - he was suffering from a case of systemic septic shock, and he had heart failure sometime during this, and his other organs were shutting down.

    In the distant past, Jeff became a ham K1MOD when living in Massachusetts, and he always dabbled in DX'ing. He DX'ed mostly AM for many years, building some respectable (but no longer in my memory) totals from there and from Maryland, including logging Australia, Uruguay, and Europeans. He mostly excelled in HF-DX'ing after moving to Macomb IL in 1983. On 6 meters he worked between 105 and 110 countries, and I think he had QSL's from over 100 of those.

    On TV, he logged more different-and-individual licensed TV stations than anybody else who has ever lived. He actually reached and surpassed TWO THOUSAND analog TV stations logged, and I believe his Digital TV total was around 640 or 670, probably surpassed only by Ed Phelps NN4E. He originally moved to Macomb "FOR THE DX" and his totals also reflected the distinct advantage of this location.

    Because of the status of the worldwide TV dials now, with no country "crowding" DTV stations onto Lowband VHF, and considerably fewer TV stations now on the air (USA: Many of those huge community LPTV systems shut down; CANADA: more than 600 local CBC transmitters silenced), Jeff Kadet's DX records, as the most successful TV-DX'er in world history, will never be challenged.

    Jeff didn't leave any dependents or a spouse, and I never knew much about his sibling(s) or other relatives.

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    Frank, I am totally in shock! Speechless!

    I think he was in his mid 60s. I'm 68 now and I know you and he were a couple years younger than me, I think.

    Earlier this year it was the strange happenings with Bob Cooper, now Jeff...
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    I've not been active in the forums lately, but posted this to the WTFDA FB page.

    Seeing Jeff's screenshots of Digital TV back in the day inspired me to jump in with all four feet and get into DXing DTV from my current location after moving here during the Christmas/New Year's holiday of 2004. In many respects Jeff and the late Bedford Brown were trailblazers in the TVDX hobby. RIP.

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    I saw that mentioned on one of the AM lists. Quite the shock.
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    I am sad as well to hear about this. Jeff was also big on collecting old TV Guides. I think it was Jeff who sent me a screenshot of my local TV Guide channel breakdown from 1959. I still do not know when the Southern FL edition of TVG started, but 1959 was pretty close.


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    I first got this shocking news earlier on right after awakening.

    Jeff's and my 1947 birth dates were only a few months apart. I knew that he had had some health issues over recent years but never thought that they were this serious.

    Pat - WA5IYX

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    I can't believe this has happened.
    I remember back around 2013, I was seeing his TV DX on
    He is one of many great DX'ers I've read about and seen DX images from.


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    What a sad loss.

    I've never been a DXer myself, but Jeff's photo gallery really fascinated me with DX. It's probably the reason I read so much about DX in the first place—analog TV DX has a certain look that DTV DX will unfortunately never be able to replicate.

    We'll miss you, Jeff.

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    I never met Jeff, or even talked to him other than in pm's, but by the responses and admiration shown from dxers, it sounds like he was a guy passionate about dxing-and an all around nice guy. He will be missed.
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    Sad that Jeff is no longer with us. Not many DXers have his kind of dedication to the hobby. He was one of a few people I could call at 3 in the morning, (in the pre-historic days, before the internet) with a DX alert, and not get chewed out for waking him up. Though, most of the time, Jeff was already awake and DXing.

    Frank... I hope you can save Jeff's documentation from the trash bin. It would be a shame to see his life's work tossed out by someone who doesn't understand what it represents.

    Mike G found this in the WTFDA BB archives...

    "Sep 1 05:26 Tr W15DJ-D Sister Bay, WI w/WPNE, DTV #682 de Jeff-K1MOD W-IL EN40"

    ... it may be the last DTV Jeff logged.

    73, Ed NN2E
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