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Thread: Longest Time You Have DXed?

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    Kewanee, Illinois, United States

    Lightbulb Longest Time You Have DXed?

    What is the longest time you have DXed for continuously? Bathroom breaks don't count as stopping.

    I just DXed on Sunday/Monday for about 11 hours straight.

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    Chris Cervantez
    Peoria, IL | 4045' N 8938' W | EN50es

    Sony XDR-S10HDiP | Sangean HDT-1X | Denon TU-1500RD (RDS Decoder 3.0)

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    Jim in Vermont Guest

    Default Longest time DXing

    Thats a tough question because whenever I am home
    I am always DX-ing even if parked on an open frequency.
    Some days I have off I am up by 5 & DX till 10PM
    with a few breaks to run to the post office & eat (sometimes if I remember to do so that is )

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    Dave-OR Guest

    Default Longest time DXing...

    On May 31, I started at 7AM and finished at midnight! But there were a couple of long-ish breaks in there....


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    15 mi NW Phila, PA

    Default Longest time DX'ing...

    I voted before I saw Dave's reply, but my expereince is like his - I've oonce or twice spent more than 6 hours, but with an hour or two breaks in between. Once up in Maine I DX'ed for significant portions of two straight days in the mpost intense tropo event I'vwe ever experienced...
    Russ Edmunds
    15 mi NW Philadelphia, PA
    WB2BJH -- Grid FN20id
    Yamaha T-80 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    Yamaha T-85 & Conrad RDS Manager;
    Onkyo T450RDS; 4) Tecsun PL-310;
    Sony ICF2010; all w/ APS-9B @ 15';
    2) Sony ICF2010 barefoot w/ whip

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    Mark Guest


    On some of our MW dxpeditions, it's been longer than 24 hours ...


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    Jim Renfrew Guest

    Default days on end

    In Newfoundland the MW DXpedition schedule has been something like this for a week straight: DX til local dawn, sleep til noon, go out for one meal in a local restaurant, then back to the dials as the first TA's roll in mid-afternoon. Other meals are snacks and whatever you can make using boiling water. Of course, at odd times different ones will hit the deck for a few hours when the adrenalin wears off!

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    Well since I've started getting into DXing I'd say abou 3 hours.

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    Yakima, WA


    I'm only 1-4 hrs.
    FM/AM/SW DXer of Yakima, WA! God Bless America!

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    I've been DXing for 50 years...I'm tired. :-)

    I've been DXing from my current location for 21 years.

    The answer you are looking for is: As long as there's DX.
    If my schedule allows I'll DX until there's no more to be found.

    73, Ed NN2E
    Owner / Operator - Murphy's Law Test Site & Thunderstorm Proving Grounds
    "You Might Be a Redneck If...
    Your TV is on 24/7.
    Your TV has been permanently on for over a decade.
    The only time your TV is off is during a power outage.
    Your TV gets 512 channels, but you go outside to use the bathroom.
    Your new TV is sitting on top of your old TV.
    Your TV costs more than all of your other furniture.
    Your deer-stand has a TV antenna on it.
    Your cable provider has no idea that you exist."
    Jeff Foxworthy

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    Blaine, MN


    I recall a day this year where Es started at 11AM local and didn't get done with till past 10, so nearly 12 hours for me, with occasional breaks to get food and use the restroom. You guys remember that really long opening don't you?
    Justin W. - Blaine, Minnesota (EN35)
    Most used radios in order: Sony XDR-F1HD, Subaru Impreza Factory radio with RDS (not stock antenna though), Grundig G8, or Grundig S350.
    DTV dx: Insignia Tuner that everyone else has.
    DTV dx2: Vizio 24" DTV built in 2011 (hooked to Insignia).
    DTV dx3: Emerson 40" DTV built in August of 2015.
    FM Antenna: 4 Element Beam similar to the FM-6 just missing two elements.
    TV Antenna: RCA Suburban VHF-HI/UHF on the same mast as the FM antenna.

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