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Thread: Database of Mexican and Cuban FM Stations

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    Default Update to WTFDA FM database

    Mike B. and I have been busy adding the Central American countries to the WTFDA FM database over the past several weeks. I believe Mike has another couple weeks on Honduras and it will be complete. Then its just maintenance. I just thought I would share some interesting factoids to help the users of the WTFDA FM database appreciate the data that has been entered.

    • Belize has almost 50 FM stations in the database.
    • Costa Rica has almost 80 FM stations in the database - they have a ton of low power repeaters on the same frequency as the main station, so they were not listed.
    • El Salvador has almost 230 FM stations.
    • Guatemala has a little over 450 FM stations.
    • Honduras has just under 800 FM stations.
    • Nicaragua has just over 350 FM stations.
    • Panamá has just under 200 FM stations.

    In Guatemala, there are almost 200 FM radio stations that are considered to be *illegal*. They operate without a license. Most are connected to Mayan culture and its a great TABOO to run interference with the Mayan culture. The United Nations has been watching this for several years now, after the 1990s and early 2000s saw a lot of ethnic bloodshed in Guatemala. In Guatemala you don't rat on unlicensed stations to the government. Unless you fancy the idea of a bullet in your head. And it would probably come from some government official that supplements his income with radio payola - pay me and I won't shut your station down. There is a non-profit organization based in Massachusetts (Cultural Survival) that works closely with third world radio broadcasting groups. They know who most of the ethnic radio stations in Guatemala are. To protect those stations, they won't publish that information.

    To understand the dynamics of how many FM stations are in each country, in relationship to the size of the country, here are comparisons to the US, based on square miles....

    Belize is slightly smaller than Massachusetts.
    Costa Rica is slightly smaller than West Virginia;
    El Salvador is equal to Massachusetts;
    Guatemala is slightly smaller than Tennessee;
    Honduras is slightly smaller than Tennessee;
    Nicaragua is slightly smaller than the state of New York;
    Panamá is slighly smaller than South Carolina.

    In the WTFDA FM database, all of the stations have their secondary departments or provinces with each listing, which in scale to the US, are equivalent to an average US county.

    Some interesting current facts from the website, comparing life in the US to that of Central America....

    If you lived in Belize, its 2 times more likely you would be unemployed from the work you do;
    If you lived in Costa Rica, you would make 75% less doing the same job you do;
    If you lived in El Salvador, there would be 10 times greater chance of being murdered;
    If you lived in Guatemala, you would probably die 8 years earlier than in the US;
    If you lived in Honduras, you would have 22 times greater risk of being murdered***.....and you thought El Salvador was bad;
    If you lived in Nicaragua, there would be a 90% likelihood you would commute by bicycle, bus, or your legs;
    If you lived in Panamá, there is an 86% greater chance you would be living in a house without electricity.

    ***On January 23, 2017, the US Embassy in Tegucigalpa issued a national warning for US citizens wanting to travel to Honduras. Violence targeted against US citizens is at an all-time high, especially in the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. The United Nations press office has elevated those two cities to the top five most violent cities in the world.

    And you thought the plethora of LPFMs, religious satellators, and IBOC was bad. Now you know part of the rest of the story.
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