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Help needed for Lowe Ultra Loop UL-1000

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  • Help needed for Lowe Ultra Loop UL-1000


    I have recently acquired a Lowe Ultra UL 1000 small desktop loop 500kHz - 30MHz but the person I received it off had no Info nor Instructions for using it. I have googled the web for Info but drawn a blank so I'm guessing it is a very old out of date unit for MW/ SW bands. Therefore I wonder If it would be possible asking on here if anyone knows how or what this unit is for and if you after perhaps a user guide? If not perhaps info on where I can find such user Instructions etc.
    Apologies if this is not in the right WTDFA Forum section but if you are able for helping then such help or Info will be much appreciated



    NB: The photo's are not of the actual Unit I have but taken from the Web but the Model N° & Make etc are the same
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    It's an amplified loop like several I've owned. Almost any newer radio will have as good or better SNR than its amplifier, so its advantage is mostly the extra selectivity obtained on SW and especially MW if strong stations are overloading and "bleeding" through. There's much more RFI in houses today than when it was manufactured, so if it's possible to add wire or coax to the loop in order to place it in a quiet place outside, that might help. You'll have to experiment to determine the different settings, but that shouldn't be too difficult.


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      Cheers K4LY for your input and much appreciated however what I'm after is info on how to set it up as I don't have any and google search brings up nothing either. I have another loop type Welbrook ALA 1530 which is very simple for using but the UL 1000 has lost me as I would like to use the Lowe if possible for vacation MWDX'ing as the Welbrook is refused with airline Companies because of the large diameter loop