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  • 840 Spanish unIDs

    WHAS was off for about an hour last night for xmtr maintenance. Managed to ID WRYM in CT, which is Spanish with a tropical format and "Viva" slogan. But had two other possible Spanish-language IDs.

    The one labelled Santa Clara I think is CMHW in Santa Clara Cuba - I think I hear Santa Clara in the ID. But am looking for a second opinion here. It would be a relog. I was aimed south.

    The one labelled Mex or TX is just that. The clip here is a portion where I hear "Esta es..." and then can't really make things out, though there is considerable talk. Hoping someone with better language skills can. I was on my wsw antenna and am suspecting Mexico or Pharr Texas.

    Also had a mention of "Atlantic Canada" come to the fore for just a quick moment. The voice sounded like the one I hear most often on Broadcast News / Canadian Press newscasts. I will see if any of the two Canadians on 840 carry this news service at the time heard (2304 EST). Most likely Camrose AB, because I doubt I'm hearing a 1-KWer from BC here in ON. But I have yet to do due diligence on this one.

    With thanks for anyone listening to or commenting on the Spanish clips.

    Saul / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    1st clip for sure is CMHW. Listen for "Doblevé" (the way the letter W is pronounced in some Latin American countries) at around the :11 mark. Doblevé is their slogan.

    As to clip 2, I will leave it to the experts.



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      1st clip: "Esta es W, desde Santa Clara, en el centro de Cuba" (not "doblevé", instead it's dobleú"). So, it's clearly CMHW.
      2nd. clip: I can't recognize the station name, only a phone number: 1 800 238 3232 (told twice). On Google I can't find anything.
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        Thanks Chris and Gargadon,
        Good to know for sure re CMHW.
        Re phone number, I called and it's Royal Seas Cruises. Number works from Canada, and they're US-based. Does the number work from Mexico? The number landed me into a survey, and when I got an operator at the end to process my almost-free cruise she told me they do advertise on radio. Maybe this will point me to a domestic Spanish station... my options include New Britain CT, Pharr TX and Belen NM. I had CT doing tropical format with Viva slogan on my south antenna. I'm pretty comfortable this one wasn't them. Sounded decidedly Mexican in format. Pharr is Spanish Christian Voz y Vision. Belen (doubtful from here) is Spanish hits Exitos.
        Saul Chernos
        Burnt River ON


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          Unless the station is Mexican but aimed to US radio listeners, 1 800 is not a valid number in Mexico (even I googled how to dial a 1 800 number from Mexico, PS: it's possible, but not as 1 800), but the host says listeners to dial that number or go to its Facebook Live streamings on its page (I can't hear very well the Facebook page name, but it's not Royal Seas Cruises), and post (or tell to the air) listeners' birthday, birthplace and when and how they arrived to USA.


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            The second clip mentions Facebook Live broadcasts.

            It can't be a Mexican because the Mexican dialing prefix would be 01, not 1, for a toll-free call.
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              My guess is Pharr TX but that's just a guess, not a logging. Others have heard it up this way in the past, and I had Mexican music very faint even underneath WHAS when it returned to air a few minutes later. Cx were not too great, so this one gets saved for a future catch and entered into my target list if not already there. Thank you, all, for this input and assistance. Really appreciate!
              Saul Chernos
              Burnt River ON