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    1550 - Jan 18 - 2155 EST — Music sounds vaguely Latin, followed by Spanish talk and what sounds like Raza in an ID. KMRI UT is one possibility, if it is indeed Raza, but maybe there are other options. On my wsw antenna.

    783 - Jan 4 1845 EST — Presumed Syria but I'd love a second opinion. Recording has talk which gets a bit stronger at 1:00 of clip and music starts at 1:20 and strengthens. Talk at 2:25 is fairly clear with man and woman having conversation. Any sense of the language?

    Sunday Jan 5 — BR

    891 - Jan 5 1640 EST — I'm presumed Algeria with talk. Any certainty on the language?

    711 unID — Jan 5 1656 EST — My Spidey sense tells me I'm hearing French, but maybe there's an Arabic twist to it. Anyone able to make sense of this?

    Thank you to all of you who give these a spin!

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    891 is definitely Algeria. Comes in here evenings and blows away 890.
    711 is Morocco. Pretty sure.
    If 783 is strong that's Syria.
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      1550 says "La Raza" but he may give calls prior to that and if so, they don't sd/lk KMRI. Someone 100% fluent could help. 73 KAZ