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  • Spanish-language AM unIDs

    Some Spanish-language unIDs from the current AM season, and help would be welcome here:

    690. I think the music on top is Mexico XEN. But it's the ID mixing in that I'm looking to ID. I hear possible references to "Jefe" and "Carasa" but also two IDs mentioning ".9" - and I also might hear "Colombia" but not sure about that.

    840 - Presumed Dobleve - almost certain I hear a Dobleve ID; while it's a relog, it'd be cool to confirm even though I have other clips of Dopbleve with positive IDs while WHAS was off for about an hour.

    840 - Think I have both Cubans here; curious for anything tangible to go on. WHAS was off, as above.

    1400 ... at 46 to 49 seconds I think I hear "Mega" in this graveyard muddle. Anything along these lines?

    770 - Talk beigins at about 5 seconds and may be IDable. At 29 seconds I think very slight chance I hear the word Formula, which would point to XEACH. I have, about a month later, //ed 770 live here to Formula's web stream, but a live ID would be cool. Or maybe this is something else...\

    Any leads are appreciated, with thanks!

    Saul Chernos / Burnt River ON
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    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    Hi Saul,

    690 has "Blvd. Paseo del Mineral #746 Sur Col. Venustiano Carranza" at 00:29. "La Mejor" & "Zacatecas" are also mentioned in the clip. That's XEMA in Fresnillo, Zacatecas.



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      Thanks, Jon! Tim Hall in CA on the NRC Facebook page also sussed out XEMA as my catch on 690. The "Punto Nueve" I hear is, in my own estimation, likely a reference to 107.9, which is XHEMA and a sister station likely // XEMA. Tim suggested the 770 might possibly be XEFRTM, also in Fresnillo. While this is not certain, it now doesn't matter. Just last week I had both the 690 and the 770 in with very good signals and //ed the 770 to its web stream. The 770 is new; the 690 I heard twice previously in recent years. As for the 840s, my hunch is they're all Cuba... and the 1400 is probably a goner... Likely I'll toss that one. Thank you to everyone who listened to the clips. Greatly appreciated!
      Saul Chernos
      Burnt River ON