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1530 KFBK Sacramento, California into Kingsport, Tennessee (January 2005)

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  • 1530 KFBK Sacramento, California into Kingsport, Tennessee (January 2005)

    Follow the link to the audio file ----------->

    Here is a shocking, amazingly clear reception of 1530 KFBK from Sacramento, California received on a general, 1980's "boombox" radio tape player/recorder from Kingsport, Tennessee at 2119 miles. This is the farthest confirmed AM radio station I have received from this location.

    I forget the exact date in January 2005, but it was around sunset and I was purposefully trying to receive AM stations to the west of me (sunset skip). I tuned to this station (KFBK) not realizing where it was coming from. I totally expected this to be Cincinnati, Ohio on 1530, but instead I got a clear ID of KFBK. I stayed with this station only for a bit because they were in a talk show. I heard the call letters "KFBK" but I assumed it was a station just across the Mississippi River in Texas or in the plain states. It wasn't until well after the reception when I finally researched and found out I had received Sacramento, California.

    I still don't know how I was able to get such a clean signal at 2100 miles.

    Have a listen.

    ID is at 00:12

    At 01:33 you will hear "...Ward in Elk Grove, you're on KFBK..."

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    All great recordings. Really great you got Bonaire over Windsor and Sacramento over Cincinnati.


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      That's nice! I used to hear them often in CT on Monday mornings back in the 60s. The frequency was completely clear then.
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