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  • KUCO 90.1 OKC ``upgrade``

    ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO-FM, sent to them Dec 9, times CST = UT -6:

    I wonder, what in the world is going on with KUCO programming?

    Stardate has been failing to appear at 9:58 am. Today at 10 am Friday,
    The Score, instead of 2 pm. Before 3 pm and from 3:07 pm, some unknown
    woman announcer with classical, from where? Unseems WCPE.

    Kimberly`s recorded top-of-hour KUCO ID. At 3:02, A Day to Remember
    instead of 3:06. Then Kent Anderson briefly as if he were live, before
    back to the unknown woman. She never gives her name nor hints what
    syndicated classical music service this is.

    Another try to hear Stardate at previously scheduled repeat 6:58 pm --
    instead, `Exploring Music` is ending! Supposed? to start at 7 pm, but
    must now be at 6 pm. Then at 7 pm, Symphonycast, also an hour earlier
    than had been.

    Is the automation all screwed up? Or has the new boss decided to shake
    everything up without even telling us on the website schedule and
    playlists? As with canceling abruptly Weekend Radio?
    Regards, Glenn Hauser, Enid (Glenn Hauser, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. As if in reply to my complaints, this appears at homepage Dec 10 from the new GM:

    ``What's Happening with KUCO Programming? Many of you have probably
    noticed some changes taking place with KUCO's programming.

    We recently upgraded our on-air systems (Thursday, December 8) to
    better serve our listeners with excellent performing arts programming
    and music throughout each day, evening, and overnight period. These
    new upgrades also benefit our dedicated staff in so many ways to
    assist in collecting and presenting those special programs to you.

    And as all good plans go, these new upgrades clearly "advanced" the
    need for us to adjust the scheduling of some of our favorite KUCO
    programs while adding a few new ones and removing others that have not
    been as popular based upon listener feedback and collected research.

    We are currently working to connect our website, mobile app, and new
    on-air system to provide playlist and program information. A weekly
    schedule of program times can be found here.

    We are also working quickly to schedule back in our module programs A
    Day to Remember, Composer's Datebook, StarDate, and BirdNote.
    Additionally, our new website will be launching very soon.

    We at KUCO appreciate your patience as we continue to make our
    upgrades, prepare to launch our new website, and provide excellent
    performing art music and programming to you. I would also like to
    thank those who have recently reached out to us by phone and email. As
    always, we love to hear from our listeners. Best, Jeff Hagy``

    Meanwhile, at the start of one hour of generic classical I heard the
    distinctive voice of Peter van de Graaff IDing himself,
    so we know KUCO has turned over much (all?) of its classical
    programming to the WFMT network, as its logo is now at bottom of KUCO
    homepage; a.k.a. Beethoven network. It may sound a bit more `polished`
    than WCPE, and no longer distract us with Eastern timechex and North
    Carolina references.

    I`ve sent a note to WCPE about the change, and thanking them for all
    the great music they have provided overnight for many years via KUCO.

    Inspecting the new program schedule from KUCO, it looks like WFMT is
    now being relayed not only overnight but mornings, middays and
    afternoons. Are KUCO`s own announcers being replaced??? That would be
    a shame! These blox now bear generic titles. And there is a new 3-hour
    jazz block M-F from 9 pm CT = Tue-Sat 03 UT. Goodbye to the 10 pm
    strip of syndicated shows such as `Music from the Hearts of Space`,
    Fridays. That survives, moved to 11 pm Saturdays. [All times in this
    item are CST = UT minus 6; altho half of OK including Enid should be
    on UT -7, meridianally. Yet there is talk of imposing UT -5 upon us

    `Performance Oklahoma`, KUCO`s own produxion, survives, moved from 8
    pm Wednesdays to 7 pm Thursdays, still repeated at 8 am Saturdays.

    Various programs from elsewhere occupy most time weekends, and jumbled
    around also for a 10-11 am block M-F. `Feminine Fusion` has been moved
    from 4:05 pm Sundays to 10 am Tuesdays.

    Lost in the shuffle is `Wind & Rhythm`, ex 3:05 pm Sundays, ``for
    those who love band music``. We can still access the latest and
    hundreds of previous shows at:
    Where that originates physically has been kept secret, but in past
    there have been clues as to: Tulsa.

    The new season of Saturday matinées from The Metropolitan Opera has
    just begun at 1800 UT Dec 10, still on KUCO, with a brand-new/unknown
    opera, ``The Hours``, Still unheralded on the websked but we hope
    still extant, is Lane Whitesell`s vocal-oriented anonymous fill music
    from the extremely variable ending of live Mets until 5 pm Saturdays
    (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 90.1, continued from my last report about KUCO,
    Edmond/OKC. Normal Met Opera time is 18 UT Saturdays, not 17, as I
    slipped into CDT mode despite my best efforts. However, with
    extra-long opera = plural of opus, Met will advance start to 1730 or
    even 1700, a really annoying practice pre-empting other programming;
    instead of just lasting late as necessary.

    I am glad however to confirm that Lane Whitesell`s anonymous
    vocal-music-filler hours post-Met still exist. This week, over to him
    at 2125.5 UT. He starts with something by César Franck since Dec 10 is
    his birthday, and then two other b-day composers of atonal modern
    music. Relying on bdays as a programming method might seem a crutch,
    tho I myself have done it on WUOT. However, if one consult an
    exhaustive calendar, it`s a good way not to overlook composers,
    performers, perhaps premières, at least once every septayear, except
    for leap-year confusions --- if applied to a weekly program.

    New slightly modified branding is ``Oklahoma`s voice for the
    performing arts``. Unusually this Saturday afternoon, direct KUCO 90.1
    signal was completely blotted by KHCC Radio Kansas, Hutchinson with
    tropo up. QRM from this is frequently a problem on various portable
    radios around here - they are also classical but also with
    considerable newstalk such as BBCWS overnight; currently in a pledge

    A new one on the KUCO sked is `The Third Floor`, Sunday 9 am-noon CT.
    10-11 am used to be occupied by quarterly series such as Santa Fe
    Chamber Music Festival - I sure hope KUCO finds some place for that
    when it come around again, likely Q2 2023, as lead-in for next year`s
    live fest July-August!

    What an odd name. Listening Sun Dec 11 at 1637 UT, it`s Bill Cromwell
    introducing Mahler`s 8th, so I search him out, finding him extremely

    ``The show is called The Third Floor because I imagine a third floor
    in some grand home, an upper level above the domestic, where you'd
    find a study, a library, a studio, and a music room, It's a place for
    contemplation, learning, exploration, reading, thought ... and
    attentive listening``. This two-sesquihour show comes from PRX, not

    The long Mahler 8 is rudely interrupted at 1700 for KUCO ID, and then
    the *second* hour of Third Floor again, instead of third, as he says
    the Mahler will start in about half an hour; meanwhile, some
    Hovhannes! I listen to his Mahler intro the second time, and cringe
    again when he mispronounces ``Singverein`` as ``-reen``(Glenn Hauser,
    Enid, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO-FM: just as I feared, now that we are into
    weekday programming, Monday Dec 12, before 16 UT and after 18 UT
    whenever checked, we are no longer hearing the once-familiar voices of
    local classical announcers. The ``upgrade`` means outsourcing the
    DJing and most of the classical music programming. Don`t get me wrong:
    I have no complaints about the quality of music programming and
    announcing from elsewhere, but it`s a shame KUCO is giving up its

    At a 1902-1904 UT break, however, Curt Timmons is still to be heard
    with local weather for OKC as well as the satellites in McAlester,
    Woodward. But then it`s back to ``Classical 24`` rather than his own
    presentation. His title is ``Announcement Coord``. He does the same at
    2002-2004 UT. But at 2004.5, `Birdnotes` appears, upcut. These may be
    the spots for more modules now. No module in the 21 UT ToH newshole,
    but at 2103 local Kent Anderson introduces some Chopin --- so at least
    this hour it`s back to KUCO origination? All very confusing. No, that
    was a brief interlude. By 2107 it`s back to C24 with something else.

    Classical 24 originates with Minnesota Public Radio, not WFMT Chicago,
    tho I am sure I heard Peter van de Graaff, an announcer on WFMT`s
    Beethoven Satellite Network last week. Maybe KUCO is using both, or
    experimenting with both at the outset? Both of these try to sound
    ``local`` by being generic without ever mentioning their network! It
    appears that KUCO`s multi-thousand CD library is now largely
    redundant. See Wikipedia for more about Classical 24, including
    dismissing its only Black announcer for what he did after George
    Floyd`s murder by Minneapolis police.

    My initial impression of C24 is that it tends to play more shorter
    pieces, which allows plenty of breaks for `underwriting` commercials
    and promos. The weekday 3-5 pm bloc on KUCO used to accommodate some
    longer symphonies, etc. by not taking a break for anything at 4 pm.
    Not any more: after weather, Kent again gets to play only a snippet of
    Chopin fill music before back to net. KUCO DJs have plenty of
    experience with back-timing: fade up some music in progress so it will
    end just before a net join, as that is less jarring than starting at
    the beginning and having to fade it out. But some of the transitions
    are still abrupt.

    We are still awaiting info on resumption/rescheduling of several
    ``modular`` few-minute programs on KUCO which no longer fit into the
    clock, such as `StarDate`. Its own website provides free transcripts,
    but there is a price for hearing them unless a day later:
    No doubt we could track down some other webcasting stations with
    StarDate at regular times. Own list shows 7 AM & PM daily on one other
    Okie, KGOU/KROU. KUCO never ran it on Sat/Sun, as if the Universe
    grind to a halt on American human weekends.

    For `A Day to Remember` we have to go to disgraced FB for update, also
    transcripts and illos not on the radio:

    ``A Day To Remember - Radio 2h · Greetings ADTR friends and fans! If
    you listen to the broadcast over the air on KUCO, there are a couple
    of schedule changes to note: the morning broadcast moves up five
    minutes, from 8:06 to 8:01 am. The afternoon show will now air at 5:01
    pm rather than 3:01 [sic: it was 3:06]. Thanks for listening!`` It`s
    sort of like Paul Harvey`s TROTS = The Rest of the Story, leading up
    to a big reveal at the end. Heard more like 2302 UT Dec 12; spoiler
    alert: the first mo/tël! KUCO also used to air BBC news at certain
    hours, but no longer? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

    ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. Don`t you believe that `StarDate` is on KGOU
    Norman and its satellites, daily at 7 AM & PM CST = 13 & 01 UT. Still
    not having located it on the `upgraded` KUCO, if at all, I bring up
    the KGOU stream at 0100 Dec 14. Instead, after the `Fresh Air` opening
    teaser, this news hole is filled by `National Native News` as on KGOU
    sked, with nothing specified for 7 AM. Looking again at the website,
    somewhat obscure is link to affiliates:
    upon which is a USA map where you have to click on a state.
    Considering that all OK entries are wrong, I would not believe any
    without confirming. Guess what: doesn`t know of
    any, just as a podcast. Furthermore, StarDate website credits for show
    does not even mention the only voice we always hear, Billy Henry,
    ex-Sandy Wood. It does name several people behind the scenes in
    scripting and produxion. He is elsewhere on the site or search on his

    Next I try KUNM Albuquerque NM as it and all its relays are on the
    affiliate list: 7 pm [MST] except Sundays 6:30 pm - CONFIRMED, UT Wed
    Dec 14 at 0200 on KUNM webcast, even tho it is too insignificant to
    appear on KUNM`s own skeds, as if `Espejos de Aztlán` start at 7 pm
    sharp, lunes a viernes. Music after StarDate is certainly nothing
    Hispanic. O, on Tuesdays, `Home of Happy Feet` starts at 7 altho the
    title is `centered` as if it start an hour later (Glenn Hauser, OK,

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    ** OKLAHOMA. Now we know what really accounts for the drastic changes
    at 90.1, KUCO FM we have previously covered. Found on the homepage Dec

    ``What's Happening with KUCO Programming? Many of you have probably
    noticed some changes taking place with KUCO's programming. KUCO is the
    ONLY radio station still playing CDs. Our CD players are failing at an
    alarming rate and there are no options to repair or replace them. It's
    crucial we digitize our music library as soon as possible. This is a
    MASSIVE undertaking with a projected timeline of five years. In order
    to speed up this process, we are TEMPORARILY using a streaming service
    so our extremely small staff can spend their time converting our CDs.
    All of KUCO's current on-air staff is still here and we are all
    working feverishly to complete this critical upgrade. We appreciate
    your patience and we will be back with our local hosts in January.
    Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays! Best, Jeff Hagy``

    Other disruptions continue: `From the Top` dropped off at 1646 UT Dec
    17, soon replaced by backup music from KUCO for 4 minutes. After 1703
    I`m hearing jazz piano and percussion instead of `The Score` as
    scheduled. Faked out: that really is `The Score` or transition to it
    at 1706 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)


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      ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO-FM: it appears the staff are too busy

      converting CDs to digital files to keep their own schedule up to date;

      or are they just winging it? Does all that conversion have to be

      played in real time? No wonder it`s a ``5-year project``. I keep

      running across `Performance Today` from APM, like: Dec 23 UT Fri 0100

      instead of KUCO`s own `Performance Oklahoma` at its alleged new time;

      and PT again, Fri 1600 UT instead of `The Score` cinemusic. PT is an

      excellent program and we`re glad to have it back, but not at the

      expense of the above and who knows what else. When KOSU ditched

      classical a few years ago, I urged KUCO to pick up PT, but as I

      recall, they turned it down because of expense. Surprise: check after

      20 UT Friday finds `The Score` resumed at its original time! And at

      2137, Kent Anderson says that local programming will resume on Monday

      January 2 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)


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        ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Monday Jan 2 circa 2345 UT, KUCO-FM, local
        classical programming seems to have resumed, partially, as planned.
        Kent Anderson previews the evening in CST = UT -6: 6, Exploring Music,
        7 Performance Today, 9 New York Philharmonic, 11 Wolf Trap. Homepage
        now says:

        ``Happy New Year from KUCO --- Warm tidings, and welcome to 2023.

        As KUCO continues to digitize it exceptional classical music library
        (and it will for sometime to come) January returns our local, weekday
        hosts Kimberly Powell, Curt Timmons, and Kent Anderson back to the air
        waves playing the beautiful music so many enjoy. All of KUCO thanks
        our listening members for their patience as we transitioned to a new
        on-air system over these past few weeks that will assist us with our
        library digitization. Your phone calls, emails, and kind words of
        support on social media were appreciated.

        Another transition soon to take place is the launch of the new KUCO FM
        website. Preparations are underway to sync playlist information to the
        new site (another facet of digitizing our music library) and
        validating links and connections. Information shall be forthcoming.

        KUCO is excited to present 'Performance Today' each weekday at 9am and
        encored at 7pm. This nationally-recognized, Peabody Award-winning
        classical music program, hosted by Fred Child, is the most listened-to
        daily classical music radio program in the United States.

        Performance Today is followed by Exploring Music at 11am and Curt
        Timmons at Noon playing locally-programmed, long-format pieces for
        your listening pleasure. Please reference the weekly music schedule to
        know when your favorite program airs.

        The 2023 resolution of KUCO is to continue playing more locally
        programmed classical music to the communities we serve and be
        Oklahoma's Voice for the Performing Arts. It is only possible with
        members like you who support this endeavor. Happy New Year, and thank
        you for your support.``

        And the websked now updated:

        So much for the 3-hour M-F jazz show at 9 pm from Kansas City? Another
        short-lived strip of one-hour programs from elsewhere M-F at 10 am was
        already gone. I am pleased to see that altho gone from Sunday
        afternoons, two of my favorites are somewhere: `Wind & Rhythm` - band
        music at 8 pm Sundays; and `Feminine Fusion`, at 11 pm Thursdays.
        Other orchestra broadcasts are stripped M-F at 9 pm, including own
        `Performance Oklahoma` now at that time on Thursdays, still repeated
        Saturdays at 8 am. `Classical Through the Night` is now the title at
        12-6 am 7 days, so back to NC`s WCPE? No, overnight is called
        `Sleepers Awake`, with their only? Black announcer, Sherman Wallace:
        No, at 0628 does not match WCPE stream and announcer is someone else.
        Info about module programs such as StarDate still has not been updated
        since 2017 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

        ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Jan 3 at 1258 UT, I happen to awaken and hear
        KUCO-FM playing module bit, `Bird Note` amid Kimberly`s Classical
        Morning. Websked still not updated from former times M-F 7:06 am &
        1:58 pm [1306 & 1958 UT]. More here and access to many more 2-minute
        (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

        ** OKLAHOMA. 91.7, KOSU, Jan 2 at 2001 UT, the NPR news ``hole`` is
        really empty, 6+ minutes of dead air until 2007.7 JIP `The World` --
        automation without any human oversight wins again (Glenn Hauser, Enid,


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          ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO-FM, new times for `Module` programs M-F are
          being found by monitoring: Fri Jan 6 at 2101-2105 UT, `Engines of Our
          Ingenuity` from KUHF, this one from 2005/2006y about how the leap
          second came about - altho they seem to have stopped by now.

          At 2200-2202 UT, `Composers Datebook`: this is the one with easy
          access online: for half an hour per biweek, you can hear all past 14
          episodes including weekends, along with the scripts and notice how the
          announcer has edited them:

          And at 2300-2303, `A Day to Remember`, this one about the one wife of
          Henry VIII who survived while Cromwell got the blame and beheading.
          Yes, during KUCO local classical origination again, including
          rush-hour traffic reports of no use outside The Metro (Glenn Hauser,
          Enid, WOR)​

          ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Thu Jan 19 after 1600 UT, KUCO-FM with weekly
          `Spotlite on the Arts` at its traditional time, interviews about
          upcoming OKC performances, Kimberly Powell and guest about Mozart`s
          Requiem this weekend. SOTA continues to be unshown on KUCO program
          schedule, rather `Performance Today` M-F during this hour. I was
          wondering what happened to it. Website also has nothing new about its
          content. Jeff Hagy, new GM had been hosting it. For years before, it
          was a remote from the OKC Museum of Art but apparently not any more.
          Not necessarily for full hour, depending on number of guests, then
          back to music (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

          ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Sat Jan 21 at 1730 UT, KUCO-FM amid `The Score`,
          topic music from James Bond movies. This is NOT the episode which
          aired Thu at 2000, supposed to repeat Sat at 1700. I can`t find a JB
          episode searching show archive
          which has #764 as of Jan 14. Maybe it`s the Jan 21 ep already (Glenn
          Hauser, OK, WOR)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 90.1, sometime during the first hour of APM`s
          `Performance Today` in the 21-22 UT hour Jan 22 via KUCO, host Fred
          Child, who always conveys a sense of wonder and awe with every
          announcement, mispronounces Galánta, as in Dances of Galánta by Zoltán
          Kodály. He sees the acute accent on the middle A and figures that
          means stress-it. But NO, not in Hungarian!

          Sesquidecades ago I took R. Budapest`s language course, and somewhere
          still have the literature; did not learn much vocabulary, but sure did
          learn the fonetix, which comes in handy if you be a classical music
          announcer. The accents on Hungarian words indicate the sound of the
          vowel, not the stress. Let me quote something just found on the web:

          ``If you started to learn Hungarian, you already know that Hungarian
          words are stressed in the first syllable. This is true until we
          pronounce single words no matter how long they are: ég, kalap,
          kerítés, olvasandó, kiszámíthatatlan. together. The words in a
          sentence are not sliced up when we talk.``

          Galánta is a small city now in Slovakia, formerly in Hungary. That`s
          the way the Hungarians spell it. A, with no accent, means it`s
          pronounced more like ``aw``. With accent, like ``ah``. Therefore:
          GAW-lahn-taw, NOT gah-LAHN-tah! Note that composer Kodály is also
          stressed initially, not penultimately as too often heard from
          otherwise erudite? announcers, who have not bothered to learn the
          fonetik schemes of languages they need to pronounce.

          It seems the Slovax dispense with the accent but still have to stress
          initial: ``In Slovak language the primary word stress is fixed on the
          first syllable. The secondary word stress occurs in words with more
          than 4 syllables and is fixed on the penultimate syllable. Czech and
          Slovak both have a fixed stress placement on the first syllable of the

          While I`m at it, some more L.L.: In proper Hungarian, surnames come
          first, e.g. Bartók Béla; but even they seem not to insist upon it to
          the rest of the world and those who do it `backwards` may be taken as
          pedantic. BTW, those accents mean proper pronunciation is BORE-toke
          BAY-law, not ``BAY-lah BAHR-tahk``. At least in this case, no one
          seems inclined to stress -tók. Don`t we owe it as a courtesy to make
          some effort to pronounce people`s names correctly, especially in

          In Hungarian the letter S, alone, is pronounced SH; while to pronounce
          plain S, it`s spelt SZ. Contrary to Polish, where SZ is pronounced SH.
          Further: ``Polish is a language with a fixed stress system with
          primary stress on the penultimate syllable as a default (Wierzchowska,
          1971; Comrie, 1976; Hayes, 1995), irrespective of the morphological
          composition of a word.`` There`s a lot more complicated phonology and
          orthography in Polish.

          Another oddity at KUCO: `Wind & Rhythm`, ``for those who love band
          music``, UT Mon Jan 23 at 0200 on 90.1 is playing Xmasmx! Obviously
          intended for broadcast in 2022y as mentions someone who died ``earlier
          this year`. Surely at least four more episodes have been produced and
          availablized since December. Not so petty peeve: Xmasmx VERY overdone
          in December if not November, but ignored the rest of the year. Why not
          play some Xmasmx in March, or August for a change?? and something else
          part of the time during The Season. WWJD? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

          ** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 90.1, KUCO-FM Edmond/OKC, has revamped its
          schedule once again. Now on manager`s corner of website as of Jan 24:

          ``Presenting Evening Classics with Curt Timmons

          Classical KUCO is excited to announce Evening Classics with Curt
          Timmons, a two-hour, locally produced program presenting extended
          selections from 10 p.m. to midnight each weeknight beginning Monday,
          Jan. 23. In addition to his noon to 3 p.m. weekday hosting, our very
          own Curt Timmons is graciously paving the way to offer beautiful,
          complete pieces of music in a thematic and thoughtful presentation
          blended with insightful commentary.

          “I am excited to produce Evening Classics for our late-evening
          listeners. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy favorite
          masterworks and play some more unusual offerings from our KUCO library
          and my personal collection,” Timmons said.

          KUCO’s presentation of well-known orchestras will begin at 7 p.m., New
          York Symphony Mondays; Chicago Symphony Tuesdays; The WFMT Orchestra
          Series Wednesdays; Performance Oklahoma with Kimberly Powell
          Thursdays; and, American Public Media’s SymphonyCast Fridays.

          Performance Oklahoma, with Kimberly Powell, has moved Wednesday
          evenings to Thursdays providing listeners, and even performers, who
          attend church and choir the ability to enjoy the beautiful, local
          performances numerous individuals work so hard to make happen.
          Performance Oklahoma continues to encore at 8 a.m., Saturdays.

          Following the orchestral programs at 9 p.m., will be The Sound of 13
          Mondays; Gameplay Tuesdays; With Heart and Voice Wednesdays; Feminine
          Fusion Thursdays; and, Hearts of Space Fridays.

          According to Timmons, “Evening Classics will feature historic and
          rarely heard recorded performances, which is a passion of mine as a
          recording collector and musician. I hope our listeners will find some
          old, as well as new favorites.”

          Evening Classics with Curt Timmons aligns with the Classical KUCO
          mission to present locally produced, long-format music to our
          listening members as we strive to advance the appreciation of
          classical music as Oklahoma’s Voice for the Performing Arts.

          Classical KUCO is community-supported outreach of the University of
          Central Oklahoma and can be heard on 90.1FM/HD1 throughout central
          Oklahoma, 91.9FM/HD1 in McAlester, 95.9FM in Woodward and streamed on
, iHeart, Amazon Alexa devices, Bose’s SoundTouch network,
          and mobile devices with the free Classical KUCO app at GooglePlay and
          the Apple App Store.``

          Skedgrid has been updated as above, all times CST = UT -6:

          Still unaccounted for are `module` programs, notably StarDate, so I
          ask GM Jeff Hagy: he says it`s straight-up noon M-F; and a brand-new
          website is about ready to launch next week:

          Meanwhile I have been seeking StarDate elsewhere:
          Features On Texarkana Public Radio: own website claims:
          Stardate - Daily 11:04 A.M. & 7:00 P.M.

          but FAILS to appear at or around 7 pm = 0100 UT Jan 24. Then, Manager
          thanked me for noticing and restored it UT Jan 25 (Glenn Hauser, Enid,
          WOR) StarDate: see also INTERNATIONAL VACUUM [non]

          ** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM [non]. Pleased to find another chance to hear
          `StarDate`, daily at 1831 UT on ``QXFM`` = KZQX-LP, Kilgore TX, via:

          Confirmed Jan 23, but not checked yet other listed times, daily 1340 &
          2340 UT. Some states have zero or only one affiliate, but lots of TX:

          All times CST = UT -6 since none in El Paso. I still have not run
          across it in random listening to KUCO since their programming got
          jumbled. Brief ``module`` programs are most likely to be plugged in at
          ToH news holes lacking any BBC news (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)​


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            ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Jan 31 at 1800 UT, KUCO-FM with no StarDate, instead WFMT teaser. O, as website explains due to icy roads staff are not coming in today, rather plugging in to a network feed, which also means they cannot manage local insertions of Modules; yet the still-original website has finally updated the Module skeds:

            (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)


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              ** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, KUCO FM, Edmond/OKC, the classical station:
              shakeup. About a week ago the distinctive voice of Kimberly Powell
              began to disappear, from IDs, underwriting plugs, continuity
              announcements, player greetings. Then at 0100 UT Friday Feb 24, when
              `Performance Oklahoma` should air, another announcer said it would be
              returning with a ``new host``, then some concert recording from
              elsewhere. It seems her departure was rather abrupt. From the staff
              page on revamped website, her position has been replaced by
              ``Forthcoming -- Programming & Production, Morning Host, Producer``. I
              do not mean to pry, but I emailed her at the only address I have, via
              KUCO, hoping her departure was not under unpleasant circumstances,
              hoping she`s OK, wishing her well, she will be missed, and hoping to
              hear if she wind up at another classical station.

              Here`s a 10-year-old portrait of her and CV, still on the web, but
              (Glenn Hauser, Enid, Feb 26, WOR)

              ** OKLAHOMA. I sent this to KUCO April 29; times CDT = UT -5:
              ``I could hardly believe my ears Saturday afternoon listening to KUCO,
              when music programming was twice interrupted for full-blown
              commercials, could be originally TV sound. At 4:01 pm, Texoma Buick
              Dealers. At 4:18 pm, T-Mobile. The first time I was listening to
              stream, and double checked whether I had anything else running: no.
              The second time I had switched to direct reception on 90.1. Thus it`s
              clear these were actually transmitted by KUCO. I would be extremely
              interested in knowing how this possibly could have happened, hopefully
              assuming it was not intentional! Regards, Glenn Hauser, Enid`` (Glenn
              Hauser, WOR) {no explanation, but one of the three people contacted
              said he also heard and wondered about them}

              ** OKLAHOMA. (90.1), KUCO FM webcast, Sat May 6 at 1907 UT, opening
              his anonymous vocal fill-music show after `La Bohème` from The Met,
              Lane Whitesell apologizes for interruptions to last week`s program:
              material was embedded in original music source, KUCO received no
              remuneration, and has taken steps to assure this does not happen again
              (paraphrased closely). I.e. the *commercials* I heard twice and
              queried him about, but he never replied to me.

              Wait a minute: only 2+ hours is not enough time for Bohème. Recheck at
              2129, after an hour or so of his own show with Brahms songs, etc. Lane
              is outroing Act IV of it, but a different recorded performance from
              Rome Opera House, compensating for a ``technological problem``
              earlier! I.e., quitting the Met broadcast after only 3 acts. I suspect
              these problems result from automation and voice-tracking, no ``live``
              management of what happens (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)


              • #8
                ** INTERNATIONAL INTERNET. Here`s another neat little program not only
                on but produced at KUCO 90.1 and streaming. Many of the episodes are
                in ``the rest of the story`` style with a big reveal at the end,
                finding out who he has been talking about. I see that it is syndicated
                by PRX to some other stations but I have not found an affiliate list.
                They may be conveniently auditioned in groups of 5 at a time = less
                than 14 minutes per week.

                A Day to Remember with Kent Anderson
                Weekdays: 8am & 5pm {CDT = 13 & 22 UT}

                A Day To Remember is a daily journey into the treasures of history,
                great and small.

                Researched, written, and hosted by longtime KUCO broadcaster and
                award-winning novelist Kent Anderson, A Day to Remember covers a wide
                range of topics, ranging from ancient history to the 21st century:
                battles and elections, inventions and adventures, art and culture,
                science and spirit.

                “It isn’t just a typical ‘this day in history’ module, and it isn’t a
                lesson or a lecture,” says Anderson. “I’m telling stories. Some of
                them will be familiar, famous events, and others will feature stories
                from the past that we may not have heard so often.”


                Date-based history modules. Run time 02:45 for all episodes
                Related Site {with scripts and illustrations}:
                (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 2191)