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  • Spanish language AM unIDs

    A few Spanish-language unIDs on AM; hoping might be IDable.

    1680 unID: On Fri Oct 21 at 0739 Eastern, heard two Spanish language stations, with WPRR-MI off the air. One of them IDed. I'm presuming one will be WTTM in NJ. That leaves the second likely to be either KNTS WA (most likely) or Kxxx CA. I think I hear an ID with Rumba at 28 seconds in the 1680 clip and I think it might reference an FM station. But I'm not sure...

    760 unIDs On Tue Mar 8 at 2130 Eastern I hear a Rebelde chime at around 1:10 into the 760 clip. But I think I hear another ID just prior to this. Is there anything in this clip that's IDable, before I toss it? I got lucky with a WJR Detroit open carrier.

    1040 unID On Fri Feb 4 at 2118 EDT -- Radio-something at the very start. Cuba's Radio Mayabeque stream was at times //, but I think there was possibly another station mixing in. Anything IDable in this 1040 clip?

    Clips are attached.

    With thanks,

    Saul Chernos
    Burnt River ON

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    On 760, I hear what sounds like "Deportes" at 1:04 in. Could it be WEFL in Tequesta, FL?


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      Thanks, Jim. Knowing to listen for Deportes, I hear it at the proscribed time. In fact I hear a weak repeat a franction of a second later, all right before the Rebelde interval cuckoo clock signal. But my Spanish is pretty poor. I recognize the sound of the language, and a few words here and there. But that's about it. So I'm not entirely confident what sounds like deports in this case is so. I think the Rebelde IS is tied to the woman speaking. The deep male voice giving a possible Deports ID seems to come out of nowhere. I'd say it's either Rebelde (program name or what have you) or perhaps more probably Deportes WEFL. If it's Deportes and therefore WEFL it will be a relog. I've not only heard it before at my Burnt River ON DX site but in Toronto. So perhaps it's best to just log Rebelde with some of these details in my log entry. Not often I get WJR on open carrier. Again, thanks!