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Equipment for 2023 ES Season

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  • Equipment for 2023 ES Season

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    Ready for 2023. :]

    Added a small guy wire cause the Santa Anas dont screw around here, though the mast is pretty sturdy

    Also got a 2 TB external HDD to record while im out for work/college (i'll mainly be watching 87 MHz to 95 MHz since the yagi has good SNR in that region of the FM band, plus has better chance of getting longer hop ES)

    If anyone else can also, mind helping me set up my SDRConsole to rabbitears? I know yall dont got no one here im CA to monitor, so i wanna help my extended FM family out with that 😊
    May we all get some splendid catches now that SC25 is in full force, good luck everyone!
    -SkyWaveDXBird (Mat)

    High Desert in Sunny Southern California..

    Record FM DX: WBVM Tampa, FL - 90.5 FM [2,130 miles]
    Record AM DX: HLCA Dangjin, KR [5,989 miles]
    Record HAM Contact: BD9ATY Xian, CN (10 meter FT8) [6,792 miles]

    Current Setup:
    Stellar Labs 30-2640 4-Element Yagi
    MLA-30+ Active Magnetic Loop (with 1/4 diameter copper pipe loop mod)
    Homemade 20m/10m fan wire dipoles
    SDRPlay RSP1A

    "Keep your eyes on the skies..."